Data show: Argentina's bitcoin premium has reached $300

According to Trustnodes, data shows that in Argentina, bitcoin prices are slightly higher than global prices, with a premium of about $300, up from about $100 in May. At an exchange in Argentina, the price of a bitcoin is 526,413.15 Argentine pesos (ARS), valued at approximately $11,600. At the time of this writing, the price of bitcoin on Coinbase was about $11,300. The bitcoin premium on the peer-to-peer trading platform Localbitcoin is about $1,000, and the cheapest bitcoin is about 560,000 ARS, or about $12,300. Ripio and Argent BTC, which are more like brokers, also have a premium of $300, which indicates that Argentina has higher demand for bitcoin and arbitrage. The latter may be because the risk of arbitrage is high, because Argentina's inflation rate is as high as 55%, and the central bank's interest rate is even higher, and it seems to change every day, but about 60%; arbitrage may be a little risky in Argentina. The reason is that currency controls may be revisited because recent votes show that socialist parties may win elections.