"8 Questions" | EMOGI founder Ray: It is said that there is a tens of millions of Latin American version of "vibrato", can it really fire?

There is a super application on the IOST public chain, which is called the Latin American version of "vibrato", which is said to bring nearly 10 million traffic to IOST. This is a very large flow for the current blockchain industry application, and even some are not credible.

After careful inquiry, this DAPP, developed in October 2018, was developed by the Bermi technical team in New York. Bermi opened up the entire traffic channel of the blockchain and the Internet, enabling the blockchain products to have a landing application scenario on the Internet. The underlying protocol used by Bermi is provided by IOST, which is also called "four major public chains" with ETH, EOS, and TRON.

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Ray Xiao is the CEO of Bermi, the founder of EMOGI, the co-founder of IOST/COO. Graduated from Tufts University, the first private university in the world of philosophy. After graduating from college, he started a social networking product in New York. Timi is a popular user-level app in New York. It is known as “the small red book + Momo in the restaurant industry”. . Ray began to enter the blockchain industry in 2015 and has participated in numerous early project investments, Ethereum mining and dog coin mining. In 2017, Ray co-founded IOST, a blockchain application platform developed by online service providers supported by global first-tier dollar investment institutions such as Sequoia, Jingwei and Zhengge.

8 asked Ray Xiao for a comprehensive interview with Bermi. The following is the interview content, and the text is slightly adjusted.

8Q: What is the original intention of doing Bermi?

After IOST was done in 2017, we quickly realized in the early 2018 that the most obvious pain point in the market was that no matter how good the technology was. At that time, the users of the entire digital currency market were around 2000W, which was very small. We want to combine the blockchain and Internet traffic, which is equivalent to the user getting more virtual currency, and can educate users, let them use the blockchain, and finally use the blockchain spontaneously. This tool.

There are not many types of traffic types, except for news streaming, video, and chat software, but now we are not suitable for chat software. The video was taken into consideration at the time, and the first was to see a higher penetration rate in Latin American YouTobe than social chats such as Facebook. And YouTobe's premium video contributors can get YouTobe's money incentives, but the way it motivates the settlement of money is hard to guarantee in the traditional legal currency society. Because they all need to be manually audited, and then play money. In the United States, a technology that was used 30 years ago is still not available for weekends. This gives us the opportunity to make a less granular video stimulus software, which we use to solve the blockchain approach.

We introduce the concept of blockchain to users, and users can earn revenue and form awareness of price in the process of sending video. Those who want to advertise on video software and want to fire themselves can also use tokens to traffic, thus forming an economic system of tokens.

8 Q: Why is Bermi choosing the Latin American market?

Short videos are very cultural. Choose a blockchain to solve its currency problems. At the same time, there must be a large cultural market. The 600 million people in Latin America speak Spanish. If you are in Southeast Asia, from Malaysia to India to Indonesia, their language and culture are not the same.

The second Latin American city has more than 100 million people, 30 in Southeast Asia and 19 in the United States. The city base of Latin America's millions of people is very large, which can help short videos spread and land.

8 Q: How many users does Bermi have now?

We have millions of users and we continue to grow. We have also done a news stream software before, so all the whole ecosystem adds up to more than 10 million users, and the daily life is close to 1 million.

There are 600 million people in the entire Latin American market, and their average GDP is 10,000 US dollars. It is itself a big economy. In addition, there are more than 100 Spanish-speaking cities in Latin America. Latin America is a very strong cash society. The blockchain enables many Latin American users to directly skip the credit card and mobile payment and enter the blockchain. The blockchain provides you with currency stability. Virtual currency assets can really solve the currency problem. We just dissipate it through a DAPP.

8Q: Is there a lot of celebrities on the side of Bermi?

Bermi also has a lot of reds, such as Lin Junjie from Latin America, Lady Gaga from Latin America, and Lelepons from Latin America . In addition, some political guests, the President of El Salvador also sent us an email saying how to put the blockchain technology to their transfer. Because many people in Latin America work in the United States, they will be charged a one-fifth fee when they send money home. Latin America and the United States have 120 billion transactions a year. If our currency can be circulated, it will build a bridge between them.

8Q: What is the most attractive thing about this product?

The first is to be motivated, and the second is that the content is liked and satisfied with vanity. For the user, it has the value of viewing, because the currently selected high-quality content is more funny, much like the overseas version of the fast, the overall tonality is more fun. We originally wanted to make an app that restores real life, like fast hands, volcano videos, and vibrato is more like a person living in a TV series, and fast hands are real life.

8Q: Bermi currently has no props, filters, and iOS versions. Is it going to be done later?

Bermi doesn't have props and filters right now. Nothing is not just needed for Latin American users. Currently, the Bermi version does not have an iOS version, because the entire Latin American iOS user is less than 10% of the mobile phone market, so choose a strategic abandonment, but will do it later.


8Q: What is Bermi's vision?

Two aspects. On the one hand, the original intention of our beginning was to popularize the application of blockchain, and then push IOST to the ground. Many users of IOST are still users in the circle, and some are BtoB users. We want to touch more C-side users. What Bermi defines is to do long-term things.

The second is that I want to make Bermi's real money-bearers the top three in the blockchain world. This is still easy to reach because Bermi has opened up traffic on the Internet and blockchain. The more users, the more price perceptions, the stronger the consensus, the more people will circulate the currency, and any currency itself has a strong network effect. If you are still working hard to make traffic within the circle, there is no need. The biggest cake in the circle is the biggest cake. We have created an ecosystem like this, and then continue to take more new software to get the traffic alive, and then slowly make the basic value.

8Q: What is Bermi's next plan?

The continuous iteration of Bermi's own functions, perfect mechanisms, such as filters and beauty, to meet user needs. The next step is more important to give Bermi more liquidity, such as through the exchange.

This currency is called EMOGI, the expression coin. It is the commonly used expression of laughter and laughter. It looks very fun and not very serious, because we want to make a product with higher acceptance.

This smile is the most frequently used expression in the world. It is a language that everyone can understand, but it does not have a blockchain definition on the Internet. This is also a huge opportunity. According to the time node of the blockchain, I have already listened to the serious things at this stage. I don't believe in other anecdotes. I can believe that the blockchain can be used by anyone.

To use it, you have to have a user base. Everyone says that the forecast market is reliable and DeFi is reliable. But no one has to use it? Before you can use it, you can use the concept of blockchain to popularize users. Are you coming up to make a picture of no one?

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