Dynamic | Bitcloud Pro Deep Aggregate Exchange Posters

Founded in 2017, Bitcloud Pro has launched a new round of operation promotion with the theme of #致敬,#创新宣战战,#新功能, this product promotion campaign with user incentives, posters and creative design, and circle Inside view, new users will hit new heights!

In an interview recently, Bitcloud Pro (BPRO) founder Richard mentioned that the team has always insisted on focusing on products and technologies in the past two years. Currently, it has launched aggregate transactions, visa payments, api transactions, currency flashes, usdt wealth management, digital currency red packets, etc. . In addition, it will also build functions including 'broker service tools', broaden the application of blockchain extensions, and gradually push to broader potential application scenarios and customers.

Referring to the team's vision for the future, Richard said that the team vision is a deep-aggregation exchange that can make a global user influence, creating a one-stop digital currency wealth management service platform!