Report: The total number of developers who have invested heavily in encryption projects increased by 13% in 2019

By analyzing the code activity in all open source repositories of the encryption project, crypto asset management firm Electric Capital reports that the open source encryption project has lost many developers, but since the industry still has some of the most determined technical staff, the encryption project since late 2017 Since the boom, the overall activity of encryption development has remained relatively stable. Some of the lower-value encryption projects have lost the most developers, while some of the more promising industries, such as decentralized finance and infrastructure projects, are getting more encryption developers. Throughout 2019, approximately 2,450 developers will be working on code for 10 days or more per month, and the total number of highly invested developers has increased by 13%. Even if the market value of encryption projects declines, the developer's year-on-year growth rate has never been below zero.