China Youth Daily: If the central bank and commercial banks work closely together, they will increase their acceptance of digital currency.

"China Youth Daily" today published an analysis article entitled "Electronic payment is so developed, why do we need digital currency?" The article said that the first thing to be clear is that the digital currency to be issued by the central bank is not the same as Libra. The most important difference is that Libra needs to use blockchain technology to create a decentralized franchise network system. In this network system, only the dedicated cryptocurrency, Libra, is run, and no other legal currency is run. The central bank's cryptocurrency is not meant to replace the existing renminbi system. The article also mentioned that the central bank's digital currency adopts a two-tier operating system and adheres to a centralized management model. That is, the People's Bank of China first converts the digital currency to a bank or other operating agency, which then converts it to the public. Under the two-tier operating system, the central bank is the upper level and the commercial bank is the second level. This dual delivery system is suitable for our national conditions. The long-term direct contact of commercial banks with users is a great advantage for the central bank. If the central bank and the commercial banks work closely together, they can not only use the existing resources to mobilize the enthusiasm of commercial banks, but also smoothly improve the acceptance of digital currency.