Market analysis: funds are afraid of the situation, no trend opportunities

Yesterday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission delayed the decision of three bitcoin ETFs until the fall. The Turkish currency lira fell 30% against the US dollar. At the same time, the price of bitcoin in Argentina and Venezuela showed a premium, but we still could not find a consistent market. The direction of sex, for the time being, still maintains a narrow range of shocks, and the strength of both sides is not strong. We are going through decades of rare turbulence. No one knows how to influence the market. Eggs should not be placed in a basket. As our retail investors, there is no need to rush, and the market will respond to the turmoil and chase after it. On.


The trading volume of BTC continues to shrink. The shrinking volume represents that both long and short sides are not optimistic about the market outlook and are unwilling to take the shot. The market's high probability is still running along the original trend. At present, the target's 5 antennas and 10 antennas are already dead. There is a big pressure on the recovery of the currency price, especially in the absence of volume, it is difficult to reverse the current situation, to maintain the judgment that the adjustment time period may be extended, and take the time-for-space trend, which is 11,000 USD. The double-bottomed neckline position can not be broken and wait for the volume to break. If it falls below this point, it will once again return to the $10,000 integer mark support. I personally prefer the latter case.


We have already said that the rebound of this round can be considered sustainable, and will fall back at any time. Although the rebound of the day before yesterday is stronger than that of BTC, it only lasts for one day, so the attraction of ETH in the short term. And BTC is not a level at all. At present, the target is still suppressed by 30 antennas, and it will test the support of 200 dollars again. If the target successfully puts 30 antennas on the volume, and the 30 antennas turn up, the target will stop falling. It will hit $250, but this is less likely.

BCH BCH’s Yangxian line has not been reversed yet, and the trading volume has remained unchanged. There is no big money to change the current running rhythm. There will be no big gains, no high expectations, and most of them will follow the market to fluctuate. At present, it is still near the support level of 330 US dollars. If it does not fall below the support of 330 US dollars in the next three days, or will test the pressure of 120 antennas again, there is still no strong rising logic, only a small range of fluctuations. Arriving at this point is also a high throw, ready to low suction back, observe whether the support line below is effective, if it falls below the support line, it may be doubled, pay attention to the risk, and the individual tends to test the lower support line again. strength.


BNB trend has not gone bad, is doing a triangle finishing, there is 60 antenna pressure above, the support of the lower uptrend line, the trading volume of the back step is relatively small, the chip is relatively stable, and now it is back to support the support near 30 dollars, The support of the point is still relatively strong. It is closer to the support line below. If it falls below this point, the police will directly fall below the support line. If it stabilizes again, it may attack 60 antennas again. After the macd indicator repeatedly repeats the golden cross in the weak area. Bonding, diverging upwards, is about to enter a strong area above the zero axis. If the target regains 60 antennas and makes the 60 antenna head up, it will get rid of the current downward trend. Now there are signs of turning, patient observation, Individuals tend to rise again after stepping back. Yesterday we mentioned zb, the performance is OK, there are signs of breakthrough, may be a round of upswing along the 5 antenna.

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