Securities Times: Digital currency must take root in China is a decision to keep pace with the times

Today, an article in the "Securities Times" titled "Digital currency is ready, are you ready?", the digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum was originally a high-intelligence digital game for computer geeks. It has become a more expensive currency than gold. With the power of the Internet, it has swept the world and its value has skyrocketed. Digital currency attracts people and grows wildly because it has the basic characteristics of money, can be circulated, and can be preserved, and it is not regulated in the early days. It has tax avoidance function, the number is scarce, the odd goods can live, and the artificial speculation, the price will follow suit. rise. Nowadays, digital currency must take root in China, and it cannot be said that it is a decision to keep pace with the times. The article mentioned that digital currency and electronic payment should be treated differently.