OK Mine Pool Leader: Staking Business Cuts in from EOS Super Node

The OK mine pool has officially laid out the Staking mining business on August 9th and first supported the EOS voting mining. Alina, the head of OK Business VP Mine Pool, said that the node is the foundation for maintaining the blockchain network and the hub of distributed ecology. The OK mine pool will provide high-quality supernode operation and maintenance services for all major public chain projects. On the basis of efficient and stable operation of the safety and blockchain network, it will also empower high-quality projects and promote the healthy development of the entire blockchain industry. At the same time, Alina stressed that the OK mine pool is now an EOS super node. In the future, it will be the key breakthrough point, and the Staking mining business will be launched. In the horizontal direction, it will strive to become the mine pool with the highest quality nodes. The mining currency currently supported by the OK mine pool includes BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, DCR, ZEC, and supports one-button switching of the currency, allowing the miners to operate their own mining machines flexibly.