Analysis: It can be confirmed that the total amount of BTC owned by Xapo is about 300,000, which should be less than the 7% of the legendary BTC circulation.

According to LongHash, Xapo is a digital asset escrow company founded in 2014 that offers bitcoin cold wallets, cold storage and bitcoin-based debit card business. It is said that although Xapo was established only five years ago, its deposit amount is staggering, accounting for about 7% of global Bitcoin circulation (estimated to be around 700,000 bitcoins). In order to store such a huge amount of bitcoin safely, Xapo has built a huge underground vault network on five continents. However, using the common input method to perform diffusion tracking on the known Xapo address on the Bitcoin network, a Xapo address pool with 235 addresses was found. This address pool does not include the 48 addresses previously confirmed, and the total balance is only 6342 bitcoins. Together with the 290,000 transfers that occurred before, we can confirm that Xapo has a total of about 300,000 bitcoins. Since Xapo uses a lot of cold wallets to store Bitcoin, and this part of the address did not initiate the same transaction with our identified address pool, we were unable to track from the chain. But in any case, the total amount of Bitcoin held by Xapo, which we have tracked, is far from the legendary balance of 7% of Bitcoin's liquidity.