"Goldman Sachs BTC Analysis" sparked controversy, The Block analyst slammed Morgan Creek founder

The bitcoin price analysis report released by Goldman Sachs technical analyst Sheba Jafari sparked controversy in the field of cryptocurrency. Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said in the report: "It seems that banks are beginning to realize the existence of Bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have recently recommended buying Bitcoin. Every banker secretly wants to be a Bitcoiner! "But Anthony's remarks sparked strong dissatisfaction with The Block analyst Larry Cermak, who forwarded Anthony's tweets and said: "Only in the field of encryption, blindly tampering with the facts will get 1300 likes in an hour. The opinions of the analysts are equal to the opinions of the entire bank. Goldman Sachs employs 4,000 analysts who have clarified that the opinion of this analyst (Sheba Jafari) does not represent the bank's point of view. All I ask for is some Common sense and intellectual honesty. Unfortunately, Anthony doesn't seem to have any points."