How to find "dead loyalty powder" in the blockchain project

Bitcoin has been in the 10 years of ups and downs, and there are still people who are not leaving. ETH has fallen 80%. There are still many technical followers and BSVs. Even if they are criticized, there are still many hardcore fans…

These stories sound very moving, and many project parties hope that they have such strong community support.

The community, which can build an ecological, can take the opportunity to pull the plate, and attract the exchange, can be described as a battleground for a project. But looking at so many projects, there are only a handful of powerful communities.

So how do a project have "dead loyalty powder"?

Early evangelists were indispensable, and they pulled the community from 0 to 1. In the process, there will be people who agree to the game to take the initiative to join: speculators attracted by the price of the currency, believers who are recognized by the project…

Many communities dislike speculators and prefer believers, because the former is easy to come for profit and go for profit. However, 500 people have 500 faces. Is it really so clear between speculators and believers?

"In the final analysis, people in the group have to make money." A community V said frankly.

Are “dead loyalists” profiting because of their beliefs, or are they earning because of profit?

Fans face: This year, VS will talk about the price of the coin.

If there is not a batch of diehard powder in a project participant, it means that there is no "consensus" yet.

This kind of consensus can be roughly divided into two directions, one is the “pull consensus” of pure price increase, and the other is the consensus that contributes to the growth of the project and shares the development bonus of the project. Correspondingly, communities with different consensus have different tonality. Of course, many projects are both "consensus".

If the style and expression pack of a community is like this:

"Get milk, everyone is going to bring in more family members of the XX chain."

This is undoubtedly a community that is known for its “drawing consensus”. More attention to the "pull community", there will be some group rules, slogans, shouting slogans.

For example, the “Spicy Bar (referring to LTC) Wanshenism” that was popular before the 5% of Litecoin.

As soon as you enter the group, you will receive @@ (the original coin printing pool market personnel, self-styled "cryptocurrency activist") @, as follows:

A group of people have been set up according to the group rules without asking questions. The default diving is to kick, and the kick can be returned.

A group of nearly 400 people, no diving, but also slogans when they are at lunch, kicking without shouting:

The spicy strip is 10,000, and it will be sent together this year.

The coin printing pool is dug, and the income is top.

Half a year of spicy, until August 8.

Let's look at the community that focuses on technology and application exploration. Let's call it the “value community”. This has to mention the BSV group.

The BSV group is the birthplace of the BSV Chinese community. It is as bold as the leader CSW in people's impressions. On the other hand, people can't help but secretly praise the enthusiasm and stickyness of their community. The common community is hard to compare. .

Many KOLs call it a “religious worship,” but on the bright side, they are a group of more enthusiastic and persistent builders.

It can be seen from the management system and discussion contents of the group that a high-grade version of the die-hard group is like this.

First of all, I heard that most of the active people in the group are discussing technology and application; they are too concerned about the price of the currency – kick.

The group owner will export all the contents of the group to the self-built website for more people inside and outside the community to observe and learn.

A BSVer who is still in junior year said that investing in or believing in BSV is actually investing (meaning he believes in CSW). "He has a deep understanding of the world." "One day, if there is no such person, what does BSV become? I don't know. He is naturally decisive in the community."

There is also a diehard powder that follows the vision. For example, the Odaily Planet Daily has seen a BSVer over half a hundred years old. He bluntly is that BSV's vision of becoming a world currency has deeply attracted him. “Bitcoin and some of BCH’s amnesty are anarchists who want to realize their freedom of thought through the blockchain and take the route of the dark currency. This is actually a question. There are still 5 billion people in the world who have paid for it. Demand, how did such a big market not see it, so BSV took the route of light coins and sought ways to comply with government regulations."

The Odaily Planet Daily has reviewed the contents of the group for any day of the previous month. There are a lot of discussions in 12 hours, and there are also interesting contents, mainly the following:

First of all, a group of friends named Liu Wei said that he had read the CW 239-page trial record. The Odaily Planet Daily interviewed Liu Wei in early June, doing his job during the day and taking the time to compile the CSW article at night. According to him, nearly 200,000 words have been translated in two or three months. It is very disgusting to speculators. "There are many people in the group who discuss the speculative coins every day and kick them out. In the future, BSV will gradually eliminate BTC and US dollars and become cash for daily use, just like you are holding dollars, you have Ability to speculate? BSV needs builders, and speculators are far from here."

Secondly, there are group friends who call on everyone to expand their influence in the country, so that the code farmers can get on the bus to build the BSV ecology. At the same time, several group friends put forward the idea of ​​blockchain application, such as blockchain vibrato, the main hit. Copyright protection, BSV rewards can be used while producing content.

In addition, a picture circulating inside the group showed that a foreign netizen who was keen on adopting BSV spent 0.5 BSV (700 yuan at that time) to store a book on the chain.

骷髅群友: "This old brother is also very powerful, even if you save the photo, you still have a book."

To sum up, BSVer encourages learning and building ecology, and is quite speculative against speculative pure coins.

Previously, the currency in the "Spicy Articles of the Eight Gods" group bluntly said, "The majority of the group gathered in the stakes of the Litecoin, everyone around Wright halved this selling point discussion, carnival, and promote consensus. The holders of the positions have the motivation to find someone to take over."

Of course, the LTC community doesn't always think about “pull”, and there are also speculators in the BSV community.

Obviously, both communities have a lot of diehards, which makes the emerging projects quite envious.

How the community is built: the pre-evangelists are essential

The community can not be built in one day, and the "consensus" can not be achieved in one day.

In order to counter the contributors, it is indispensable for those who are pouring in the price of the currency; but to build a community, the foundation is to have builders and evangelists.

The community needs a group of original evangelists. The fans are not focused on the amount but are good at spreading.

In the era of the currency circle, the Bitcoin consensus was also formed at the earliest. The original Dragon Slayer teenager "Wu Jihan" translated Bitcoin white paper, violently walked Prince Gong and a group of old employees of the letter, decentralized in the community regardless of day and night discussion, and discussed Austrian economics one article after another. The prototype of the Poseidon began to form.

Nowadays, the evangelists of the new project are usually the old leeks of the currency circle. They are familiar with the gameplay and player psychology of the currency circle, and at the same time have one of the production capacity, community operation experience and the “industrial resources” of the currency circle.

As long as your project concept is new and easy to understand, and the code development team ensures that the project continues to operate, it is possible to obtain spontaneous recommendations from early evangelists. In addition to waiting for the evangelist to come in, it is also a way for the project to take the initiative to find the door to "deep cooperation."

Like the hotter little coin, the Chinese community promoter of the Turtle Coin, SalmonDealer, saw its code update frequent but the market value was far underestimated. This fully reflects the spirit of participation in open source projects, without the consent of the project party.

The promotion work of SalmonDealer is to translate the Turtle Coin Community Weekly and promote it on various platforms.

Although it is a simple step, as one BSVer puts it, “From 0 to 1, it is much more important than from 1 to 100.” The step taken by one person may be the basis for the latter to choose to believe.

Conversely, without a “good” evangelist, the project community is likely to lose the progress it deserves.

Another important source of the second generation of "dead loyalty powder" is also benefited from some media-oriented "big V" that found 100-dollars.

Similar to SalmonDealer, Aladdin also approached AXE from foreign communities, researched it within two months, communicated with the founding team, and began assisting the Chinese community in the announcement in February, such as co-organizing AMA with the community. And imitate the slogan of “Dashkin, Axe Silver” proposed by Litecoin. After the propaganda matrix was built, senior players in the currency circle also joined the Chinese community's operations team.

On July 26th, AXE was successfully launched in the ant mine pool by Aladdin, facing the larger miners; after 4 days, AXE rose to 18 yuan, 13 times more than in February. The market value of AXE has also risen from a thousand to more than 200.

As Aladdin said, AXE's on-line ant mine pools and rising prices have benefited from “the booming community”.

The SERO, which was pulled 22 times in early July, was also attributed to the community by the community. “The SERO is on the Gate, and the fans of five or six thousand people go to buy in large quantities, and the price can be multiplied up.”

For ordinary "dead loyalty powder", after the price of the currency rises, it will continue to strengthen the belief or ship, and for the evangelist of the community V, after the rise in the price of the currency, the "promotion period" for the newcomer to enter the market will be just started. At this time, Aladdin should patiently answer questions from various WeChat groups and new members.

Being attracted by the price, why come it?

Seeing that the price burst was attracted, it was not known to the newcomers who had previously smashed the road.

It is true that many projects that work hard do not like pure "speculators."

As mentioned earlier, the SERO that exploded in the last month, in January, there are people who are planning to do "imitation." The Odaily Planet Daily has seen one. He bluntly said, "To do the same type of currency as the SERO, and then empty the bay, then those in the community who have not eaten meat late are washed."

Although the results are not yet known, it can be seen that the "imitation" player expressed doubts about the "consensus" of the SERO community.

A public chain developer also said, “I am also in the SERO group, the atmosphere looks very hot, but everyone can’t come up with ideas. Real community participation, so many of them can be discussed. Form constructive ideas for the future direction."

For what comes, it is possible to go for what. Therefore, the BSV community does not welcome pure speculators, as does the DCR community.

Looking back at the slow development of the community, dt feels that it is not a bad thing. "It is a good thing to set aside time to attract highly recognized projects. The groundbreaking of speculators may exclude those who have ideas. Contributors. This is especially true in the DCR community. Because the DCR governance model gives too much power to the money-holding users, each holder can cast their own proposal, which will test your holdings. Naturally, the highly recognized holders of the money are good for the progress of the project, and speculation and short-sightedness are not good."

Litecoin is also a project that relies more on “communities”. Its founder, Li Qiwei, revealed after the halving of the Litecoin: "What is the power of the community? In the final analysis, it is a belief in a coin. I believe it will really change the world."

“When everyone cares about prices, the project becomes fragile and even collapses in a bear market. To be sure, some people in the Litecoin community only care about prices. But only those who really believe in it can Make the community strong."

How does the community “consensus” last:

It’s important to let everyone make money.

Although they say that they don't like speculators, everyone in the community wants the price of coins to rise.

Just as the Mimons rely on the flow to support the value of the public account, the price of the currency supported by the community and the “dead loyalty powder” will in turn “seek the thirst for expanding the fan base”.

Aladdin told the Odaily Planet Daily that in addition to continuing to operate the Chinese community, AXE's competent cadres "are docking Brazilian and Russian communities." “The price of the currency cannot be stagnant, especially in the country. The price of the currency needs to be more volatile. Some people can sell the profit, and a little can also attract people to get on the bus.”

For this, Aladdin did not rush to the project. On the surface, it is mainly based on Xuanfa. In fact, it is necessary to work hard between the project side, the exchange currency and other partners to provide benefits to the community. " Work harder than chasing stars, earning hard money. "

Aside from these seemingly tedious and repetitive propaganda work, Aladdin’s core of the community is actually – to make money with everyone.

“A lot of community pulls can be pulled up, but how do you stay sticky? That is to make money for everyone.”

Whether it is the "pull community" or the "value community", "making everyone can make money" is undoubtedly one of its essentials.

Even the early evangelists mentioned above are “investors”. But they are positioning themselves as value investors, a hundredfold coin "excavator", seeking higher returns. It's a bit like "coin circle VC."

For Aladdin, the community that is committed to early evangelism is also the same. Aladdin said that his own way of making money follows a low-sucking and high-slitting strategy. The difference is that he will enter the game earlier than most people, and he can say that he can earn more. At the same time, it also carries the task of vigorous evangelism and the risk of weak currency.

For blockchain projects, the community is where its vitality lies. At present, the blockchain project is still unable to get out of the circle of “early investor evangelism – new entrants entering – rising prices – early investors benefiting”.

Whether it is advanced or not is necessarily a believer. Is it a investor? It may not be. Many community seniors admit that sometimes wealth may be the builder of the project.

According to Aladdin, the early investors of Dashi's other big fork coin IMG image currency have gained 2000-3000 times. “How many such investments can you encounter in your life? So these investors started to believe in themselves and regarded themselves as real builders. The 1 and 2 groups of the image currency did not discuss the price of the currency. It’s no longer meaningful to discuss the price of the currency. Does he still think twice as much? So I’m thinking about how to help the project and the community.”

Dt also believes in this sentence. Many of the current bitcoin believers are investing in bitcoin. Through the appreciation of wealth and the praise of others, he believes that bitcoin can bring happiness and form a belief.

When you stay in the community for a long time, you may be sighing like dt in the foreground: "I feel like I have been in the dcr community for the rest of my life."

Needless to say, the value of this project is still the product and application. Project parties are like business people, evangelists like marketers, and retail investors like investors. These roles are distributed in the community in the blockchain world. Among them, everyone can use their own strength to build a community.

As early as Bitcoin investors, their careers and personal interests have been tightly tied to the industry. Today, mining machines, mining pools, exchanges and other industries are all built by early evangelists. If the industry does not grow, their wealth will shrink.

They need faith and must believe.

As one BSVer puts it, “We are diverse, some are building, some are propaganda, some are just speculation,” which represents the situation of many communities. One BSVer believes that a community fan has different starting points and behaviors, with 500 faces in 500 people.

The community does not need to exclude speculators, but cherish the believers and builders and turn speculators into builders.

Text | Huang Xueyu

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