MEET.ONE will launch the EOS Forum at the Yunqi 2050 Conference

On April 27th, the EOS SuperNode campaign team MEET.ONE will launch the only EOS-themed forum at the Yunqi 2050 Conference, and invite more than 30 outstanding nodes and dApp leaders from around the world to tens of thousands of young people. A systematic introduction to EOS, how the blockchain enables the Internet, the application of EOS in the world, the latest development of dApp and future development trends. It is reported that 2050 was initiated by Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation, and No. 001 volunteer was served by Dr. Wang Jian, founder of Alibaba Cloud. List of confirmed participants: Huobi Pool, EOS Cannon, StartEOS, EOS Asia, EOS Beijing, EOS sw/eden, EosStore, EOS Silicon Valley, EOS 42, EOSflytoMARS, eosDublin, EOS Gravity, EOSphere, EOSIO.SG, EOSYS , EOSLaoMao, EOS Pacific, GEOS, D, ITAM, Chintai, WhaleEx, MYKEY, Everipedia, EOS Studio, blockdynamics, Legal Nodes, Dappreview, Chain Gold, DAPP.CC, Zhejiang University Blockchain Association, Zhejiang University Block Chain Club Wait. Conference half-price ticket channel: Ticketing consultation: MEET.ONE official assistant (micro signal: moreeos)