Who is the best salesman in the cryptocurrency market?

On August 10th, during the hosted Hardcore History, US political commentator and podcast Dan Carlin commented on the leadership qualities of US Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. In response to these comments, Tesla CEO Musk issued a tweet expressing his support for Yang Anze.

It is reported that Yang Anze accepts campaign contributions including Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other ERP20-compliant cryptographic assets and supports Venmo payments.

Previously, Yang Anze issued a statement:

"I don't expect people to agree with me in everything. It will be very strange. The main hope is that people believe that I am trying to solve the problem, and I am open to different methods, especially if the data is driven in a specific direction. The change of a person's idea is not a bad thing."

Some netizens commented that Tesla's Musk is going to be the biggest salesman in the history of cryptocurrency. Netizens are always easy to forget. As early as the beginning, the CEO also made a special joke to ridicule bitcoin, claiming that he would not transfer the resources belonging to Tesla to Bitcoin. Musk stressed that Bitcoin has bypassed currency control. And the ability to replace banknotes.

But in his mind, Bitcoin's mining mechanism is a flaw. To produce new bitcoins, high-performance computers are needed to solve complex mathematical problems. However, I don't invest resources directly into Bitcoin, but I can invest resources in people who support Bitcoin. Maske’s awkward attitude must not be an excellent salesman.

Trump, Facebook and Tesla

Unlike Musk, the other two are to the left and one to the right, towards the two extremes of support and opposition. One of them is the president who relies on Twitter. I remember that last month, Trump had a few tweets that directly indicated that he was not a big fan of cryptocurrency, whether it was true or not, but from that day on, the industry has always appeared in front of people all over the world.

At the Coin Security Conference held in Canary Wharf, London last week, Chan Chan CEO Zhao Changpeng also praised Trump's business intelligence and said that the current president is currently unable to publicly support Bitcoin over the US dollar. He said:

"I'm pretty sure that after Trump retires, he will enter the field of encryption. Now, without retirement, his position is that the dollar should not be encrypted. President Trump is a very smart businessman. I I think he will get it."

Zhao Changpeng means that the identity restricts the president's position. The US president may not be able to openly support it, but Trump, a smart businessman, will certainly not oppose it. After all, the office of Bitcoin's core is in the northwest corner of the White House. An objection to Twitter can't explain anything. So, instead, Bitcoin has made a big headline in the world.

There is also a libra project that has been screening for a whole month last month. In many hearings, the US official has clearly warned that Facebook will issue the digital currency Libra. The blockchain practitioners believe that this means that the industry will Faced with stricter supervision, I have already prepared myself.

"Facebook's Libra' virtual currency" will also have no status or reliability."

“If Facebook and other companies want to be a bank, they must seek new banking licenses and be bound by all banking regulations, just like other domestic and international banks.”

For the US political movement, will the new financial system produce positive results, or will it be questioned that it is not open enough? In any case, this is a powerful advertisement for the cryptocurrency industry.

a bit brighter than the future

Bitcoin introduces a new form of decentralized organization and consensus, and this form has spawned a lot of incredible innovation. These innovations are likely to affect a wide range of industries in society, from distributed systems science to finance, economics, currency, central banking, and corporate management. This industry has brought hope to people.

Musk, who is immersed in his heroic dreams, is also the president with political power or a powerful economic and technological company. Regardless of their attitude, cryptocurrencies have entered the table where they talk about business, and the future of the cryptocurrency industry is even brighter than bitcoin.

Source: Chain Finance