Soul torture: What is missing in the blockchain?

After a survey of the founders and CEOs of the 102 blockchain industry, a new report shows that the blockchain is still in urgent need of rectification. According to the report released by Los Angeles-based cryptocurrency company Zage, although blockchain technology has introduced some user-friendly projects in the large-scale commercialization process last year, many people still feel that the technology is too complicated. .


The report entitled "Practical Application of Blockchain Technology" states:

“When asked what is the key to mass-blocking the blockchain, 41% of respondents believe that a seamless user experience is the most important.”

This is not surprising. For those who can download the Bitcoin blockchain from GitHub and make it work, they don't need much guidance, but the average user is different. The lightning network, still in the experimental stage, is more challenging.

QLC Chain founder Allen Lee said:

“I personally think that when blockchain technology enters everyday life, people will no longer talk about blockchain. Because this is a back-end technology that consumers don’t need to understand.”

The good news is that big companies are well aware of the ease of use issues and are working hard to solve this problem—for example, under the direction of Jack Dorsey, Square recently hired a designer to specifically address these issues.

One of the biggest problems pointed out in the report is the challenge of using DApp, including those that focus on finance, namely DeFi. Although the prospects for these products are good, they are too tricky for the daily use of consumers.

However, some of the CEOs surveyed said they believe that the issue of usability is only a short-term issue.

20|30 Group co-founder David Siegel said:

“At the moment, the technical content of the blockchain is too high, but within a few years it will be as simple as using a mobile app.”

Hope is like this.