Data shows: Ethereum Github code submission activity is far ahead of other public-chain infrastructure platforms

According to the RatingToken data, the top-ranking public-chain platforms of the market capitalization are: ETH, EOS, IOTA, TRON, and NEO. In the past 7 days, the total number of Github code submissions was ETH. The number of people who submitted the code on the 7th was ETH, and the number of people who submitted the code in the last 30 days was ETH. RatingToken analysts believe that investors can focus on the activity of a project code submission from the following two aspects: for the public infrastructure platform that is currently in the process of continuous improvement, the developer's continuous activity and continuous submission of code is an internal project. The support of value, at the same time, if the phase of the code submission activity is amplified, it may be a precursor to the release of the important version.