August 14th market analysis: Gold fast diving with BTC?

Recently, I have been telling you that the capital market has entered a period of turmoil, geopolitical crises are frequent, Argentina’s stocks have tripled, and the stock market has plunged 60% a day. The losses have been heavy, and the plot has reversed. The Sino-US economic and trade consultations have once again Opening, tariff delays and other signs of leakage eased, US stocks rose rapidly, gold quickly dipped, fell below the $1,500 mark, and recovered in the late session. The RMB exchange rate soared by 1000 basis points, while Bitcoin quickly dipped again. Consistent with the rhythm of gold, this trend of falling and not rising will not be alleviated in the short term, and may continue to adjust.


BTC's rapid diving did not bring panic, and there was no obvious amplification in the volume. This is not a good phenomenon. The infinite amount of stagnation is more grueling, and the panic may not be killed. The market may continue along the market. 5 antennas fell downwards. At present, the 5 antennas and 10 antennas of the target have been deadly, which has a greater pressure on the recovery of the currency price. Especially in the absence of volume, whether it can stand back to $11,000 today. The neckline position, if it can be put back in volume, may stabilize in the second shock, and once again test the pressure of 12,000 US dollars. If it does not return, it will once again return to the $10,000 integer mark support. I personally prefer the latter one. Kind of situation.


The amount of ETH has no obvious change, and the drop is obviously smaller than that of BTC. Here, it is a bit like a triple bottom. However, it is not necessary to observe the triple bottom. It is still cautiously looking at 5 antennas. 5 antennas to observe again, if the target successfully puts 30 antennas on the radio, and the 30 antennas turn up, the target will stop falling and will attack 250 dollars.


BCH has risen against the trend and the trend is relatively strong. At present, the target moving average system has been arranged in a long position. The macd indicator is almost near the zero axis, and it is about to enter a strong area above the zero axis. Then the target is likely to challenge again. The pressure of the 120-day moving average, the volume has always been the biggest worry, the rise of the target may be full of twists and turns, not very smooth, pay attention to grasp the rhythm, the pressure line reaching the channel line is high, falling to the support of the channel line, low suction, If the volume breaks through the pressure level, the target will challenge the previous high.


The BNB trend has not gone bad. In the structure of the triangle arrangement, there is a pressure of 60 antennas above, the support of the lower uptrend line, the volume of the back step is relatively small, the chips are relatively stable, and now it is back to the support near 30 dollars. The support of this point is still relatively strong. It is closer to the support line below. If it falls below this point, the police will directly fall below the support line below. If it stabilizes again, it may attack 60 antennas again. The macd indicator repeatedly re-golds in the weak area. After the fork is glued, it will diverge upwards, and will enter the strong area above the zero axis. If the target regains 60 antennas and makes the 60 antenna head up, it will get rid of the current downward trend. Now there are signs of turning, patience. Observed, the individual tends to rise again after stepping back.

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