The fund tray project BHB organizer was arrested. The Feng sister, who once stood on the platform, said that the dividend for the day was 11%.

On August 12, the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau issued an official WeChat announcement. Recently, the Economic Investigation Brigade, with the assistance of the public security organs of Lai'an County, Anhui Province, arrested a fugitive who was suspected of organizing a pyramid scheme.

After investigation: 刁 某 开设 在 在 开设 开设 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 在 资金 资金 资金 资金 资金 资金 资金hide.

"Distributed storage, encryption mechanism, consensus algorithm, non-tamperable, traceable" is precisely because of so many superior features, blockchain is widely optimistic, even known as the next generation Internet.

Due to limitations in performance, technology, and law, blockchains are still facing difficulties in various industries. However, before the rise of the blockchain, there have been a lot of funds in the name of the “blockchain”, and there are even many celebrity platforms.

On August 12th, the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau issued the official WeChat on the official website of the "Detective Brigade" in the "Welcome No. 4" special action. The report said that recently, the Economic Investigation Brigade, with the assistance of the public security organs of Lai'an County, Anhui Province, arrested a fugitive who was suspected of organizing a pyramid scheme. Investigation: On January 6, 2019, the Qingshen County Public Security Bureau Economic Crime Reconnaissance Brigade found in the work that Zou Moumou (male, 25 years old, from Lai'an County, Anhui Province) opened a fund with the name "BHB" on the Internet. In the name of blockchain virtual currency, the development of the downline, suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities, and a large number of people, a huge amount, has escaped from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province to hide. At present: 刁 某 has been criminally detained and the case is being further investigated.

And this captured fund disk BHB, in addition to its crazy pull head rebate, its most famous to be considered the big star "Feng Jie" endorsement.

Fund disk with the blockchain name

What is BHB? "Daily Economic News" has previously reported that according to the white paper downloaded from its official website, the BHB financial security blockchain platform is based on the openness and irreversibility of blockchain technology, combined with market research results and the latest technological progress, carefully created. New P2P transaction and pan-financial industry information security monitoring system and trading platform. The BHB platform is committed to seamlessly connecting national and global financial institutions, financing institutions, investment institutions and users through the establishment of blockchain underlying architecture technology logic and business model smart contracts to create P2P transactions in the blockchain field and Derivative financial services information security monitoring system.

“Openness”, “irreversibility”, “latest technology” and “careful creation”, at the beginning of the white paper, all kinds of vocabulary on the tall ones are in sight.

For the P2P industry? That's right, it's for P2P that has experienced "violent thunder" and chicken feathers. In addition to the plausible concept of the entire white paper, it also highlights the unique Pbft technology of the BHB chain, the Merkcle tree, the Casper protocol, etc. It is unclear, and “social mining” is even more impressive.

Even more incredible is that about the founding team, the company's financial engineer on the BHB official website is Bobby White, black hair, yellow skin, silver-rimmed glasses, a typical oriental man. But in the white paper, Bobby White, the founding team's chief member, turned into a western man with yellow hair, white skin and wide red framed glasses. In addition, blockchain engineer Dav Chen and product designer Gregory Moss are amazing.

Regarding the return mode, BHB started to invest 8,000 yuan, and raised funds to raise funds. The daily dividend was 1.3%. The daily dividends were issued by the number of BHBs held by the account 18:00 every day (an encrypted digital currency, 1 USDT is equal to 1 US dollar). Subsequent withdrawals to the trading platform to convert into Renminbi to obtain income, provide dividends on a platform called XBTC.XC; free cash withdrawal within 24 hours, issue after xbtc.xc platform review, provide bank transfer and use the USDT to purchase two subscriptions the way. The method is simple and rude, but relying on high dividends, it attracts a large number of investors who do not know the truth.

In March of this year, there were media reports that the BHB crashed and the founders of the exchange ran away. The loss of over 25,000 virtual currency investors was over 3 billion. “If the investor's funds are invested by bank transfer, they are transferred to a two-person account named Hangzhou Shiweiwei and Longjing, which are registered in November 2018.” According to media reports at the time. .

Fengjie endorsement: Again, the biggest risk of BHB is to wait and see

Regarding the "Fengjie" endorsement BHB, "Daily Economic News" has made a detailed report at the beginning of this year. "Fengjie" endorsement of the pyramid scheme currency: claiming to be a dividend of 11% a day.

On December 4 last year, Fengjie announced on Weibo that “BHB position dividend plan has been launched. As long as 700 BHB positions are held, the daily dividend dividend USDT is as high as 7%. Promoting the three-level rebate can directly get 4%. Add up, you can pay dividends of 11% in one day, and then the biggest risk of BHB is to wait and see, followed by a link to an exchange.

The reporter scanned the QR code recommended by Weijie on Weibo, which is the new bit XBTC, the digital asset trading platform of the people around the world. However, WeChat reminder: The user has complained and reviewed by the platform, and there is a statutory license or license, and the account has been discontinued for publishing, disseminating or engaging in related business activities.

What is the specific plan for this BHB position dividend? The description of Weibo's Weibo is very clear.

It is understood that this dividend BHB team invested 260 million, the new bit exchange invested 40 million, combined with USDT, launched the first round of the currency dividend program. The dividend activity starts from 24 hours after the currency is held. The daily dividend is 7%, and the effective account dividends are: (1) The number of BHBs held by the new bit exchange account is greater than or equal to 700; (2) The 24-hour snapshot of the platform, once per hour. It needs to hold more than 700 BHBs per snapshot.

In addition, there are rebate mechanisms, such as the main user X invited A, and there are two levels B and three C, then the main user X's income in addition to their own 7% per day, you can also get the total amount of A holding currency market value Price *1% + B holding currency total market value average price * 0.5% + C holding currency total market value average price * 0.2%. Moreover, the map clearly indicates that there is no upper limit for the number of users of Level A, Level 2 B, and Level 3 C. The dividend income is returned in the form of USDT at the following day at 18:00. Officials claim that dividends are directly returned in the form of USDT, and the BHB held can be exchanged for USDT at any time, without locking the position.

Based on the BHB opening price of 1 USDT, assuming that the reporter invests 700 USDT and buys 700 BHB, the following develops an A-level user, a B-level user, and a C-level user. Each user holds 700 BHB, and the reporter’s return per day is 8.7%. (7%+1%+0.5%+0.2%), the monthly return is 261%, the annual return is 3132%, and the return is amazing. This is only a few downline users. If the reporter pulls a few downlines, the return is an index flip.

Through the QR code of BHB official website, the reporter added the WeChat of the other customer service. The background data of the official website displayed by the other party's circle shows, "On January 16, today's active customers: 158531; today's ordering users: 1777; today's order: 84,074 single." It was only launched on November 1, 2018. As of January 20, 2019, the project achieved such rapid success.

Source: Daily Economic News

Author: Every time there was correspondent Liu Yongsheng every Lujiu An edited