PlusToken running road funds changed in the past two days, 5,775 BTCs were split by small amount

According to PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) data, in the last two days, PeckShield Locked Monitored PlusToken Runway Asset Key Address, the BTC address starting with 1M1Tfs was changed, and 5,775 BTCs were transferred to several addresses after multiple dispersions. Each address is kept at 50-150 BTC. At 6:31 this morning, this part of the funds is further divided into small amounts of around 10 BTC. Up to now, except for the address, the funds remaining in the monitoring of 31 addresses have not changed. PeckShield security personnel analysis believes that the PlusToken project is trying to use the "distributed address, small transfer" and other ways to conduct money laundering operations to escape asset tracking. In view of the recent wallet running events, PeckShield reminds users to pay attention to identify some suspicious "fraud" wallets, and carefully participate in investment to avoid loss of digital assets.