Pushing the SuperNode program, the "old" brand D network (DigiFinex) opens the transaction "new" world

Encrypted exchanges have a lot of flowers on the track, and there is a constant exchange. In less than two years, an exchange has successfully crossed the bear market in 2018 and entered the first echelon of the exchange in the form of a black horse. It is DigiFinex, also known as D network. On the evening of August 12th, DigiFinex co-founder and former Baidu technical department vice president Kiana (Shi Leqi) was a guest at the ChainNode live room. Together with the host Jun Yao, the D-network rushed to break through the road and shared the “Super Node Plan”. The user "lie down to make money."

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The following is a live recording:

Junyao: D network was established in early 2018, then what is your original intention of doing D network?

Kiana : At the beginning, the idea of ​​our team was very simple. In 2018, we found that there was no trading platform on the market that made us satisfied, so we decided to build a safe and reliable trading platform. Without a big fundraising action, we contacted our friends around us and gathered our start-up funds to start doing it, just to provide better products for friends and users around us.

For me personally, I am a financial background, but I am more and more interested in technology. When I was in Baidu, I was responsible for big data and then went to AI. I have found that every technology can bring people a better life, and the next technology worth paying attention to is the blockchain. In the context of the explosive development of blockchain technology, I began to contact and research blockchain technology, and eventually created the D network with partners. Junyao: The competition in the exchange market is very fierce. Then, what is the secret of the D-network crossing the bear market and entering the first echelon of the exchange?

Kiana : The competition between exchanges is ultimately the competition of talents and the competition of team innovation ability. Our core management team is from well-known big companies such as Tencent and Baidu. It has always emphasized the importance of security, products and user experience. This is also an important factor for D-network to cross the bear market and enter the first echelon of the exchange.

At the same time, D network team members are very sense of belonging, each person is the co-owner of D network, almost no loss of talent, the unity of this team also makes users more trust. This is a characteristic that many exchanges do not have. It is worth mentioning that the internal management of D network is flattened, so that everyone has autonomy. At present, the team of D network is less than 100 people, and we still welcome the participation of talents. Junyao: D network has also had a big move recently. The super node of D network is scheduled to be launched last week (8.9). What is the original intention of this D network super node plan?

Kiana : This year, the industry is in the stage of increasing users. Many exchanges are constantly introducing new models, such as IEO, Staking and so on. D network is also constantly exploring and trying, and hopes to provide convenience for new users or Xiaobai's admission, and provide users with a stable and high-yield project. After more than half a year of preparation, we launched the “Super Node Plan” for Welfare Wealth Management Products, which allows the existing stock users to enjoy the bonus of the blockchain. We hope that institutions, communities and individuals can participate in the plan, accompany and promote the development of D network and share the benefits of development. Participants can get up to 30% of annualized earnings, as well as ongoing candy airdrops and various equity devolutions to different participants.

Letting users benefit is our original intention and our advantage. In addition, the "Super Node Program" itself is our main push for a heavy plan, which will cost a lot of resources to protect it. Since the interests of the participants are directly linked to the D network, this also makes the user's income more stable and is not easily affected by market fluctuations. Junyao: In the super node plan, the nodes have different types and grades. Can you read them in detail?

Kiana : We have launched five grade node plans for purchase, namely bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamonds. The higher the level, the higher the DFT yield, the minimum purchase threshold is only 100 DFT, participants can get 22-30% of the proceeds. After the user purchases the node plan with the D-network platform DFT, the platform will take out the same amount of funds and participate in the cloud mining with the user's funds, unlock the principal and release the proceeds after the lock-up period ends. After purchasing the node plan, the user can also qualify for the super node while "lying to make money".

The D network super node is also divided into the same five levels, and the node of the corresponding level can be purchased to apply for the super node of the corresponding level. The higher the level, the higher the voting weight, the higher the proportion of the fee-paying airdrops, and the more advantages in trading rebates, transaction rates, and wealth management revenue. Of course, super nodes can be upgraded. Each node can join up to 5,000 members and set up a node length. The node manager enjoys 10 privileges including project recommendation currency, airdrop priority privilege, and low commission discount. The obligation of community development. Ordinary users pay a certain DFT to join the super node to obtain membership and enjoy 4 benefits.

As mentioned earlier, our SuperNode program is for organizations, users, and communities. In the first phase, we have opened 50 super-node long-seat seats. At present, we have 7 institutions of cooperation such as Gyro Finance, Shenzhen Chain Finance, Connected Capital, and EtherZero. In the period of live broadcast, another institution joined. 30 communities have applied to become our founding node. Junyao: The super node is a very popular way of playing. So what is the difference between the super node of the exchange and the super node of the public chain (such as EOS)?

Kiana : The super node of the D network is very different from the EOS. In EOS, 21 super nodes need to undertake multiple tasks such as accounting, voting, governance, promotion, etc. The node benefits are derived from the issuance of tokens. In this inflation model, the market needs to pay for the proceeds. In contrast, the D-network super node is actually an ecological community, not a chain node. DFT has been destroyed several times, currently only 138 million, is a deflation model, no additional issuance, no market and users are required to pay for the proceeds; moreover, D network super nodes connect the middle and lower reaches of the industry, can attract more funds, stay Live users, more sustainable.

Junyao: Why is the SuperNode program launched at this time?

Kiana : From the external environment, after 17 years of bubble and 18 years of bear market, industry investors are more rational. In 2019, the pace of the "Mavericks" is very suitable for us to launch new products. Internally, in fact, in 2019, D-network has been relatively low-key in the operation side. It has been researching and cultivating internal power and better polishing products and operating modes while avoiding safety risks. In addition to the internal strength of cultivation, we are still exploring overseas markets. D-Net Korea has also received a lot of attention this year. The comfort of the market environment, the constantly polished products, and the continuous expansion of new users, the launch of the Super Node program is also a matter of course.

Junyao: DFT is the core of the event. What development plans does DD have for DFT?

Kiana : The platform coin DFT connects the ecology of our entire platform and our global business, so our points-based activities, IEO (Apollo program) and various ecological development projects will be carried out around DFT. Users can participate in our lockout activities with DFT. The recently launched SuperNode program is a model for locking revenue. In our previous lockout activities, users were able to get 15% annualized revenue, which is quite impressive, especially when security is guaranteed. In addition, the OTC and the margin on the project are all DFT application scenarios. Of course, the deduction fee is also one of the uses of DFT.

D network is still launching offline usage scenarios. For example, we have established cooperation with SK Group, the largest jeweler in Singapore, to pay with DFT; and cooperated with Korean company BLUCON to launch a transportation card. We hope to integrate DFT into everyone's life, not only online financial management, but also payment scenarios under the wire. Junyao: What are the advantages of DFT compared to the platform coins of some other exchanges that we are familiar with?

Kiana : Compared with platform coins such as BNB and HT, DFT is not much different in the design and application scenarios of the whole mechanism. However, since the D network has been relatively low-key in 2019, the degree of attention has been relatively low. At present, the price of DFT is only 1/3 of the peak. As we continue to introduce new moves, the space and potential for DFT's value to rise is very large. The staff told me that during our live broadcast, the DFT rose 11% in 15 minutes, and the current price is $0.84.

Junyao: Now the concept of open finance (DeFi) is very hot. Does D-network have plans in this regard?

Kiana : I have read two master's degrees in finance myself. In my opinion, the current DeFi is very immature. In fact, the D-network team is able to implement many decentralized functions very early in technology. However, due to insufficient supervision, low user acceptance and small market size, D-network believes that the risk is relatively large and does not want users to bear these risks. Of course, in the future, we still have to develop in the general direction of DeFi, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation with users.

Junyao: What is the future development plan of D network?

Kiana : First of all, we will continue to improve our products, technologies and services to give users a better experience. We will continue to introduce professional talents to join the D network. Secondly, we will continue to develop the ecology of DFT, build a better currency channel around the points, and focus on our Apollo program and Super Node program. Third, continue to strengthen the ecological construction within the D network, build a D network education curriculum, form a professional analyst team, and output in-depth content while popularizing science education. Finally, we continue to develop the global market, focusing on the Middle East market and the European market, and actively apply for local licenses.

Our opponents are not encrypted exchanges, but traditional financial markets. At present, the size of the encryption market is still very small. We hope that we can unite with other participants in the industry to promote the rapid development of the industry and introduce traditional funds into the blockchain industry to help transform the traditional industries.

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