Bitcoin is not a value store, it will never be, Bitcoiners may be wrong.

Bitcoiners claims that BTC is a means of value storage, but according to a fund manager, Bitcoin does not meet the requirements for value storage.

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As a Bitcoin skeptic on the website, my job is to make a logical reason for holding Bitcoin. Today, I think Bitcoin is not a means of value storage, as some people have said, and it will never be. Not even a hedge.

“Value storage” doesn’t mean what you think

The concept of "value storage" means that a given object can be exchanged with another person.

That person must value what they get, not what they pay for. This must also be the case at the other end of the transaction.

This is very different from “exchange means” such as currency, gold and bitcoin.

Ed Butowsky, managing partner of Chapwood Capital Investment Management, told CCN:

“The true value store is something that maintains its usability and real purchasing power regardless of the environment.”

My farm value is better than your bitcoin

If I have a piece of farmland and I have the ability to harvest food from that land, as long as I produce food, grow food with seeds, and irrigate with water, it is still a value store. Water is a valuable thing. This is necessary for human survival.

This is why the price of water in supermarkets will be lifted during natural disasters.

Steel is a means of storing value. Steel is not only a necessity for everyday production in the world today, but if you look at the Walking Dead, you know that steel is a necessity for making bullets for defense.

Money is not a means of storing value. This is a means of exchange. Regardless of the environment, money does not preserve value, and we have seen it in various hyperinflation scenarios.

The same is true for gold and precious metals.

Bitcoin is essentially worthless

So why is bitcoin not a means of value storage? Ed Butowsky pointed out that the key to understanding why Bitcoin can never be a value store is the phrase "regardless of the environment."

"What is bitcoin? You can't even hold it. In domestic turmoil, no one will trade with bitcoin, because in this case, the only thing that matters is the survival of assets."

Ed Butowsky also pointed out that the volatility of Bitcoin makes it unrealistic to hold bitcoin, not hedge.

“A true asset with minimal value fluctuations. The full value of Bitcoin may disappear within a few minutes.”

You can trade Bitcoin, but if you do, try to be a Bitcoin whale.