Tencent Yujian: Digital virtual currency transactions heat up, "shadow" mining horses are active again

On April 12th, Tencent Yuwen issued a statement saying that the digital cryptocurrency market has picked up recently and the mining trojans are becoming active again. The latest monitoring has new discoveries: The "shadow" mining trojan has been upgraded recently, and Trojan gangs have updated multiple domain names, streamlined the attack process, and enabled the latest mining accounts to dig PASC coins. The “shadow” mining trojan hides itself through multiple network disks and map beds, and uses the NSA arsenal's multiple attack tools (eg, Eternal Blue) to actively spread horizontally within the LAN. The “shadow” mining trojan digs the PASC coin. Unlike other digital cryptocurrencies, other currencies will put the currency on the wallet, while the PASC coin introduces the concept of the account called PASA, and the account number is passed. For mine mining, each account will generate 5 accounts, and the currency will be stored on the first account. The account number starts from 0, and the total number of PASC coins is 21,144,600. The current PASC price is only 0.3 US dollars, compared with the highest price of 5.63 US dollars, has fallen 95%, if it is not this currency circle again warming up, maybe it has been turned into zero coins.