Former Visa executives: The STO sector is still in the development phase, and the industry outside the cryptocurrency ecosystem has not yet deployed the actual system

According to Finance Magnates, former Visa executive Roel Wolfert introduced the securities token field. Wolfert said that in 2017, when securities-based tokens first appeared in the cryptocurrency industry, many analysts quickly identified it as the long-awaited "bridge" between DRM and mainstream finance, DLT and traditional financing. The perfect combination of styles and the key to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, two years later, the STO field is still in the development stage, and more and more companies and projects have begun to implement currency on all aspects, but no one has deployed actual systems in industries other than the cryptocurrency ecosystem. After all, there are still many regulatory details that need to be put in place, and technology needs to be finalized; entrepreneurs, end users, and investors all need to understand what a securities token is and how its ecosystem works.