Blockstream CEO: Mining concentration is one of the key reasons why P2P sidechains have not received enough attention

At the Understanding Bitcoin conference in Malta last weekend, Blockstream CEO Adam Back talked about the problems facing the P2P sidechain so far, where they are, and how to become safer in the future. . Back pointed out that mining concentration is a key reason why the P2P side chain has not received enough attention so far, and developers are advised to focus on the side chain instead of the altcoin. Back said: "I think the altcoin is not creative. It is more interesting to build a side chain on top of Bitcoin. The side chain as an innovative way is likely to eventually outperform the altcoin, but it may also be the altcoin self-destruction." On the P2P side In terms of the long-term security of the chain, Back said, “I think the real long-term solution that can provide complete security for the sidechain model is SNARK or bulletproof related technology.”