Report: The road to blockchain games is confusing, waiting for an "explosion"

On August 14th, the Firecoin Blockchain Research Institute and Chainlink Capital released the latest research report. The reform and breakthrough of the blockchain game industry, the report deeply investigated 51 typical projects in the upstream and downstream of the blockchain game industry chain, and believed that the prototype of the industrial chain has been formed, mainly including five categories: 1. Infrastructure and developer tools; 2. Blockchain game distribution platform; 3. Blockchain game; 4. Game asset trading market; 5. Peripheral tools and services. The report believes that the application of blockchain technology in the game industry will bring unprecedented breakthroughs and changes: 1. The community operation of blockchain games will become the mainstream; 2. The profit model will be more diversified; 3. Blockchain technology will Let the "number one player" game world become a reality; 4. "Explosion" game will drive the development of the entire industry; 5. The perfect industry ecology is the eve of the blockchain game boom.