Opinion: 2020 will be the year of institutional investment in Bitcoin

On August 14, according to cryptodaily, many people believe that once large institutions start investing, we will see the price and popularity of Bitcoin soar. It now appears that 2020 seems to be about to become a year when the big institutions that really saw it began to support cryptocurrencies. According to Forbes, "It turns out that 2019 is the year when blockchain technology is on track. Compared with the early madness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the blockchain has made great progress in almost every industry. Insurance to drugs and then to luxury goods.” In addition, “With the support of large enterprises, we have seen the maturity of the underlying protocols and improvements in security and privacy. There is still a lot of work to be done because the core blockchain infrastructure needs to be sufficient. Mature to prepare for prime time. Like Q1 and Q2, there will be new developments in the second half of 2019. These developments are promising and very big things in the future. As blockchain and bitcoin become more mature in Facebook, other companies will follow suit.