Zhao Dong: The combination of the bottom and upper layers of the Nervos public chain solves the contradiction between safety and performance at the same level.

On August 14th, DGroup founder Zhao Dongfa and Weibo shared their understanding of Nervos: 1. The bottom layer of Nervos public chain is based on safety and reliability. The consensus of the public chain is safe and reliable, and it must be POW. POW, Work is doing work, the process of doing work is entropy increase, (consuming a lot of energy) irreversible to generate a small piece of information that is difficult to tamper to ensure safety and reliability. The CAP impossible triangle principle can't be broken like energy conservation, so the bottom layer of the public chain can only choose one side in terms of performance and security. Which one is more important? It must be safe and reliable. 2. The Nervos public chain uses a layered approach to balance safety, reliability and performance. The Nervos bottom layer seeks to be safe and reliable, not performance, and can pass safety and reliability to the application layer. The application layer can pursue performance. The combination of the bottom layer and the upper layer solves the contradiction between security and performance at the same level. 3. The development of the Nervos public chain has been completed and the main network will be launched in October. Firecoin also chose Nervos as a strategic partner and will use Nervos' public chain technology to build its own public chain, which is the recognition of Nervos technology.