Getting started with blockchain | Explosion is “mining”? 6 kinds of common mining types, which are not reliable?

Recently, the mining of a platform is a mine, that is, the Token is obtained after the contract is opened. When I saw this message, I was shocked. Mining, for the small partners entering the industry, how much is known. Today, I will give you a brief introduction of the types of mining that are currently being mined.

Computational mining

The concept of mining in the blockchain industry was originally derived from Bitcoin. Since the consensus mechanism is PoW, Bitcoin has one block every 10 minutes (Token reward and handling fee). If you want to get Bitcoin, you can only calculate the qualified result through the mining algorithm SHA-256, and pack the block. Get bitcoin.

The calculation power is a quantitative indicator to measure the speed of your (mining machine) calculation . The higher the calculation power, the more likely it is to get bitcoin. At present, there are a lot of Tokens on the calculation of mining power. Although the algorithm may be different, the principle is similar to Bitcoin.

2. Trading mining

Trading mining is a concept that has been ignited since 18 years. A large number of media in the industry believe that trading mining will become a blockchain revolution, and it will be a hit, but unfortunately it is almost cool.

Trading mining refers to the fact that the Token of the platform releases a portion every day, and the number of these tokens is allocated according to the transaction volume of each user. Due to the profitability of trading mining, the liquidity of trading pairs in the platform was artificially increased, but the continuous release of platform coins and the rise in prices eventually led to a rapid collapse of prices. There are currently very few platforms that use trading mining strategies.

3. PoS mining

PoS (Proof of Stake) mining is a simulation of PoW computing mining, the holder can mortgage Token (equivalent to the computing power in the mining power) to the verifier node (mostly wallet, or trading platform. ) To get the node reward dividends.

Different Tokens may have different benefits due to different mechanisms. However, the higher the income, the better, and the value of the token. Because the token is mortgaged, it takes more than ten days to unlock. (In order to reduce the circulation of tokens). Be aware that in this industry, a one-day Token price volatility may offset your Staking mining award. Therefore, the decision to do Staking must be cautious, choose to be very optimistic Token to do Staking, otherwise it may not be worth the candle.

Partial Token Staking's annualized earnings

4. Mobile mining

Cell phone mining is also the concept of 18 years of heat, referring to the improvement of your computing power (mining ability) by completing small tasks (even submitting personal information). The higher the computing power, the higher the probability of digging into a token. At present, most of these projects are not reliable. The essence is more like “check-in” Token. Every day, through “check-in”, different tokens are obtained according to different computing powers (unfortunately most of them have no value).

5. Storage mining

Storage mining is a new mining method that is proposed under the PoW co-mechanism and the cost of mining is too high. The storage space of the hard disk can be used for mining to obtain the Token. At present, the project on hard disk mining is relatively small, and the computing power of some projects is not only affected by the size of the hard disk storage space, but also related to other factors such as time.

The essence of mining is to obtain Token in some way . From this point of view, the explosives mentioned at the beginning, that is, mining, can indeed be regarded as an alternative mining. However, the high probability is a loss, and the money lost by the explosion may not be as good as that of the mining. Token.

The type of mining has a lot to do with the consensus mechanism designed by Token . The main mining methods in the industry are PoW calculation mining and PoS mining.

6. Message is mining

The vernacular blockchain is to enhance the enthusiasm of the readers of the public. In addition, we add a message mining activity at the end of the daily headline. The three-person line must have my teacher. The vernacular blockchain encourages everyone to express their own cognition. Learn more from the cognition of others.

What other types of mining have you heard about mining? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.


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