Founder of Galaxy Digital: MasterCard and Visa credit cards are expected to support the purchase of Bitcoin in the next two years

A technology billionaire claims that the bank will lift the ban on the use of credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies by 2022. Mike Novogratz, founder of encryption company Galaxy Digital, told Bloomberg that major companies such as Visa and Mastercard will soon allow encryption enthusiasts to invest in cryptocurrencies through their cards. Just last week, technology giant Apple announced that Apple Card will not be used to purchase cash equivalents such as Bitcoin. But Novogratz said that as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream and regulation becomes more stringent, the ban will disappear. "You have a regulated exchange. There are real players in the game. You get more and more channels – the way people participate. I bet that in the next two years, MasterCard and Visa credit cards will accept bitcoin." Many experts also believe that the launch of Facebook's cryptocurrency LIbra will also have a huge impact in this area, and many people expect that if Facebook successfully launches LIbra, mainstream banks will also want to share a piece of it.