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Players can assemble 11 players to form a team and participate in the game. Players can choose players to play, adjust the player's best position, and switch the combat mode to improve combat effectiveness and compete with other teams. In addition, players can also dismiss or synthesize underperforming players.

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01 football king team introduction

1. The team consists of players composed of players in the "Soccer King". It is divided into players and substitute players . In the lineup is the player , the bottom is the bench player . Full 11 talents can participate in the competition.


2, the team's combat power team combat power can be displayed in the left menu, representing the overall strength of the player team.


3, the team's combat power match

In the lineup, there will be an exclamation mark on the player's body, indicating that the player is not suitable for the position and will drop at that position, causing the team's combat effectiveness to drop. Trying to change the player's position can increase your combat effectiveness.


The player below is a substitute player and the substitute player can be replaced with a player at any time. Click on the player that needs to be replaced (yellow) and then click on the replaced player (blue) to change the player.


4, fire the player

When the player does not need the player, he can choose to dismiss the player. It should be noted that the dismissal will permanently lose the player and will not receive any compensation. Please be cautious. In general, it is recommended to consume unneeded players through synthesis, and dismissal is not recommended.

Dismissal operation: Drag the player to implement.


02 high-level strategy – team management

In the lineup interface, players can adjust different combat modes according to their player type.

In the upper left corner of the player, click on the "Club/Country" lineup to switch the combat mode. The system will match the players in the same player or in the same country.


If the player player belongs to a club, then the club mode will have a bonus; 640?wx_fmt=png

If the player player belongs to a country, then the national model will have a combat bonus.


– About "The King of Football" –

"Football King" is a blockchain-based football mobile game created by Egretia, supporting EGT, ETH and other multi-currency. The game covers more than 5,000 registered professional players around the world, as well as numerous random players with different appearances, nationalities and abilities. Here, players can sign up for a superstar who has become famous, dig into the top stars of other clubs, or explore the potential of the new star. Enjoy the fun of football and earn a generous transfer fee!

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