Edenchain launches Dorothy 2.0, sign up for 100 EDN rewards

On June 5, 2019, Edenchain released Dorothy 1.0. In order to improve ease of use and fun, after experiencing intense development, Edenchain officially announced the launch of Dorothy 2.0. The new version has been optimized for developer friendliness and user experience, adding a Dorothy Blog Section that allows users to directly access dApp blog posts, as well as user reviews and feedback on dApp.

In order to celebrate this upgrade, Edenchain specially organized registration and welfare activities for the majority of Chinese community users. The top 10,000 registered Dorothy users will receive a 100EDN reward. After registration, users can also participate in a series of exciting activities. Details of the event will be announced within a few days, and everyone is welcome to keep an eye on the event link https://www.edenchain.io/blog/