Rumors: Boxing Tyson did not participate in the blockchain project Fight to Fame

According to Cryptonews, Cointelegraph reported that Tyson was involved in a blockchain project called "Fight to Fame", but cryptocurrency research firm Cointelligence wrote a detailed report on the platform as early as May. The cryptocurrency project was actually created by a fugitive. The fugitive was wanted by Interpol and China’s anti-corruption authorities, named Jianxiang Shi (aka Morgan), allegedly involved in Morgan in 2016. China was wanted overnight with a large-scale financial Ponzi scheme. Although the project's internal sales staff used the name of Mike Tysons when participating in blockchain meetings around the world, “seeking millions of dollars in so-called “Tyson tokens” for ICO and STO. Tyson denied any association with the project, and Tyson’s lawyers sent a letter of attorney to Moregain Capital Group asking them to stop these actions immediately.