Wal-Mart applies for patent based on blockchain-based drone communication

According to Coindesk's August 14 report, retail giant Wal-Mart recently applied for a blockchain-based drone patent.


(Source: Pixabay )

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Wal-Mart filed a patent application for the "Cloning Drones Using Blockchain" in January 2019 and disclosed the patent on August 1. Interestingly, this patent application for the UAV Coordination System based on blockchain technology and the Walmart Digital Currency patent application were published on the same day.

This is not the first time Wal-Mart has applied blockchain technology to drones. As early as 2017, Wal-Mart applied for a patent for a blockchain-based drone package delivery system.

Patent content shows that blockchain technology will be used to transmit information such as drone identification numbers, flight altitudes, flight speeds, flight routes, battery information, or loading capabilities. At the same time, it can share information based on the middle location of the drone.

The patent claims that the advantage of blockchain technology is to maintain data integrity:

The blockchain ledger can store various types of information in any other format or medium, such as different kinds of instruction lists, navigation information, and maps. With the blockchain, you can deploy the same software configuration file on a cloned drone.


In addition to this patent application, Wal-Mart has applied for many patents on drone delivery services. In addition, drone coordination and communication purposes are also on the list. By deploying data on decentralized encrypted ledgers, Wal-Mart can use operational parameters without having to worry about leaks.

However, patent application issuance and patent issuance are not the same. Patent applications are only the first step in the lengthy application process.

This month, Wal-Mart applied for a cryptocurrency patent to compete with Facebook's Libra.