Tiger Fight Forum Hot Discussion: NBA Lone Ranger accepts bitcoin payments

Bitcoin has been controversial and questioned since its birth for just 10 years. This electronic currency has always been a sneak peek at the investment community. Buffett, the world’s richest investment godfather, said that bitcoin is a kind of There is absolutely no value in "fantasy", and recently the NBA team Lone Ranger announced support for bitcoin payment, what is the matter, let us take a look.

According to the domestic famous sports forum Tigers on August 14th According to reporter Jeff Eisenband, Lone Ranger has announced that they will accept the way of bitcoin payment. This made the Lone Ranger the second team in the NBA to accept bitcoin payments. Fans can now use BitPay to buy tickets and online merchandise. In addition, the King is the first team in the NBA to accept bitcoin payments (2014).

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was originally a virtual currency for online purchases of real-life items.

The Lone Ranger team was originally known as the Mavericks. The name may be more widely known, and the owner of the Lone Ranger team is Mark Cuban, a very personal American business. He acquired the then Mavericks in 2000 to become the owner of the team. The boss’s attitude towards Bitcoin has always been very open and supportive.

As early as 2017, Mark Cuban said that investing in Bitcoin is the same as investing in stocks. There is no problem. In addition to publicly expressing support for Bitcoin, Cuban has actually invested in blockchain projects, such as investment. Encrypted asset investment fund 1confirmation and other blockchain projects.

In January 2018, according to foreign media reports, early in the year, when asked about the possibility of using cryptocurrency to pay tickets on Twitter, Cuban responded by saying "the next season." In a subsequent commentary, Cuban confirmed the news, saying that the team will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum and other "some cryptocurrencies".

He explained:

"We will add cryptocurrency payments next season. We will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other possible cryptocurrencies. What are added are still pending."

It can be seen that the bitcoin payment plan of the Lone Ranger team is the promise of the former boss Cuban, and the fans can also try to use the digital cryptocurrency to pay in the new season to experience the new payment experience.

In fact, shortly before the publication, Mark Cuban talked about Bitcoin in an interview. Kuban compared Bitcoin with gold in an interview.

In an interview with Kitco News on August 9, 2019, Cuban talked about bitcoin and gold. Kuban said that the limited supply of bitcoin is an additional factor in the value of its investment relative to gold.

Kuban said:

“They are all collectibles. The value is based on supply and demand. The good news for Bitcoin is that its supply is limited.”

According to the previous news, the first team to support bitcoin payments is not the lone ranger, but the Sacramento Kings. And this news comes from 5 years ago.

According to foreign media reports on January 16, 2014, bitcoin payment company BitPay announced that the NBA Sacramento Kings became the first professional sports team to accept bitcoin. BitPay spokesperson Jan Jahosky said that starting on Thursday, local fans can use Bitcoin to buy items in the team store. On March 1st, fans and friends can use the bitcoin to pay for tickets and various goods online.

At the price of the time, the King’s side court ticket for the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 1st was $257. After conversion, only 0.28 bitcoins were paid. According to Tony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay, the Kings signed a contract with the Consumer Electronics Show a week ago.

The current owner of the Kings is Vivek Ranadivé, who is also the CEO of technology company TIBCO, which specializes in developing business intelligence software. Rana Dave also named his investment in the Kings team "NBA 3.0." Gallippi said other teams are also in talks with BitPay about the use of bitcoin, but Gallippi refused to reveal the names of the teams.

Rana Dave said in a statement that the use of Bitcoin is intended to show that the use of technology can enhance the user experience of the fans.

Just after the Lone Ranger team offered to provide bitcoin payment, the netizens of the Tigers had a heated discussion on the news, supported the new technology, and also doubted Bitcoin.

In many highlight comments, some netizens said with a playful voice: "Is there a Q coin?", and there are also people who ask me to ask questions. "If you don't understand, ask: Is the exchange rate the same as 1?"

Of course, more is to question and debate the bitcoin itself. For example, some netizens suggested that "most virtual currencies can only be idling inside and cannot be landed."

There are also supporters who say:

"Bitcoin is obviously ok. I bought some 1:1w RMB. I sold it nearly 1:10w in the past few years, and I actually got more yuan."

There are also very deep thoughts, such as:

“Before the emergence of human civilization, were these things valuable in themselves? During the Jurassic period, did you think that dinosaurs felt that gold diamonds were valuable, or that food was valuable?”

It can be seen that bitcoin has been controversial since its birth. Many people question why it is worthless, why it is so valuable, and others say that it is worthless before gold and diamonds are dug up.

In the face of such controversy, what is your opinion about your friends? Welcome to leave a message to discuss with us!

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