HOLder – the wife of the blockchain industry

At the beginning of this year, the climate is pleasant, it is the season of falling in love. A friend of mine worriedly asked me if I had an investment opportunity of 300,000 yuan in a half year.

"You want money to be crazy."

"No, it is my mother who wants me to buy a house, or I will not allow my daughter to marry me."

House prices have always risen, the Chinese mother-in-law’s consensus, obviously, this violates economic common sense, but it has continued for 40 years. Niubi!

The mother-in-law is not alone, and the blockchain industry also has a group of mother-in-laws, BTC HODLer.

BTC HODLer thinks that BTC will always rise, want to make a fortune, buy BTC is right, all in, hold it, hold the currency, and do nothing. Except BTC, other coins are garbage.

The BTC multi-military in the encrypted digital currency industry is very consistent with the multi-military of the Chinese real estate industry. Regardless of how the holders of other investment views look, these two multi-practitioners are real beneficiaries. The practitioners of the multi-sector of the real estate have gained a good fortune, and the practitioners of BTC HODL have achieved good returns.

There is a parable in ancient Greece, "Fox and Hedgehog", the fox knows a lot of things, and the hedgehog knows a big thing. The fox is more clever and hedgehog.

Know the hedgehog of a big event, holding a hammer to see what is a nail, in order to change. The Chinese mother-in-law is the hedgehog who knows a big thing – buying a house – and the market is booming. BTC HODLer is also the hedgehog who knows a big thing – buy BTC – and it is a blow to the sky.

The fox is not obsessed with the grand narrative. There is no ultimate answer in his heart, he is keenly aware of the environment, and insists that change is the only constant truth. The fox seems to be shaking all the way, no dreams, losing the goal is a common thing.

Many foxes in the currency circle, when they are beaten, they admit their mistakes and start to correct them. Their portfolio is basically diversified, with mainstream currency, no rejection of altcoin, and speculation in ICO. Foxes are very tired because they always have to judge the market changes, read a lot of information, and see various big V entrepreneurs.

If you only look at the investment performance of the currency circle for nearly three months, the fox is defeated to the hedgehog with great probability. The foxes’ diversification of funds is characterized by multiple deterioration.

In our time, hedgehogs are more likely to be praised. The real estate has been closed. Martin Luther King shouted, I have a dream, and called on countless Americans. There is a kind of hedgehog that is the strangest. Every day, I sing empty real estate and sing empty real estate for 30 years, and I have gained countless fans. There is also a singer of China every day. It’s just that China is going to die, and it’s also a slap on the Internet. On the Internet, as long as you insist on promoting a thing, for a long time, countless things are ridiculous, you will find that you have many fans, this is called brain powder.

No one has the technique of heaven, and the hedgehog declares that he knows the ultimate answer. Believe it or not, I don't believe it anyway.

The hedgehog keeps saying, believe me, listen to me, we will succeed, and you will make a fortune. This is not instructive.

Lincoln said that the compass can point you to the true north from where you are, but the compass is not known for the swamps, deserts and canyons you will encounter along the way. When you use the compass for navigation, it is definitely in the ditch.

HODL is to provide a compass to many people, regardless of whether the compass is bad. HODLer negates the complexity of investment and abstracts this complexity into a simple slogan, buy coins, all in, and hold coins. On the way to invest, there are more pits. It is not enough to have a compass. Be sure to have navigation. From the beginning of the technology of knowing coins, to the knowledge of saving coins, to asset management of investment, fund-raising, management retracement, etc., it is very complicated.

HODL is not correct and incorrect. This is part of a complex world. If there are 100 million parallel universes, there will be HODL in the 100 million universes. But before you really practice the HODLer concept, take some time to figure out the basics of investing in encrypted digital currency. Don't fall into the pit.

In fact, I know a few people who publicly promote themselves on the Internet as HODL, and none of them are All in BTC.

The compass is always pointing south, but before it demagnetizes. If a bottle of milk is labeled "permanently edible," you simply can't drink it.

There is no problem with HODL, provided that the HODL concept expires. Historically, the HODL concept has a valid period of two years on average, ushered in more than 10 times the increase; then two years of failure, the price fell 80 or even 95%; after that, it returned to the correct cycle and rose from the previous round. Higher. As history will not repeat, then only the hedgehog will answer it categorically. Investment is not a cycle of history, not a historical meeting, and it will certainly be the case in the future.

I hope that HODL is always right, so that I can do it without doing it. I can study and study every day.

If you want to effectively obtain investment income, it is impossible to be lazy. You must study and think deeply. Whether the concept of HODL is correct and how long it is valid is very worthy of serious research and thinking. Once the research is successful and can correct the correctness, it will really make a fortune.

Today's HODLers rarely provide rigorous definitions and logical thinking. They are more about telling a story. A story of buying Bitcoin at a low price and raising the price in the future, you can make a fortune. But this story does not provide data and logic for accurate communication and repeated research.

A reasonable investment strategy should be to establish a sound investment model and always improve until you exit the market. Rather than just an inspiring HODLer story.

Chinese mother-in-law is keen to buy a house, which is an investment concept; HODLer is also an investment concept. Both investment views have a very strong communication power.

We, mortals, often come into contact with certain investment products from the slogan of communication. Without these slogans, we may not be able to get an investment category. Everyone has a similar starting point, and the methodology provided by the slogan is the same, but the end point is very different. Some people buy a house and buy a billionaire; more is that they do not enjoy the dividend of the overall appreciation of Chinese real estate. The same is true for buying coins. Some people buy more and get richer, and more do not enjoy the added value of the blockchain industry. What is the difference here?

I have read a science fiction novel, Contact, by Karl Sagan, a scientist who is dedicated to finding extraterrestrial civilization. He has a word that left a deep impression on me. “To judge whether we are progressing depends on whether we have the courage to ask questions and the depth of the questions, and our acceptance of the truth, not what makes people feel good.”

HODL's slogan, I was very excited at first, and I felt very good, which inspired me to buy and buy. However, I have been in contact with the HODL concept for more than 4 years. I have increasingly found that this concept is not progressing. The main actions of the supporters are to shout slogans, send cultural shirts, and pull people to support this concept. And there is a fierce war of words with people who don't support HODL.

HODLer's philosophy is very low on other coins, and all other coins are reduced to rubbish coins. This kind of love is a mystery.

I have a friend L. I first went to L to be a guest. He took me to visit his home. I saw a lot of clothes and shoes in his wife's cloakroom. Her shoe rack is very beautifully designed, layer by layer, and can be rotated by a shaft, layers and layers can be raised and lowered, like a Ferris wheel. L gnashed his teeth and said, "Hey, woman, buy so many useless things."

When I was eating, I said to my nephew, Wow, I saw the most beautiful clothes and shoes I have seen in your cloakroom. L pretends to be angry and agrees to buy so many useless things.

The scorpion pouted and shrugged his shoulders in the direction of L, his eyes stunned!

Oops, my heart is suddenly tense, this will not cause family conflicts.

"Old L, women buy clothes because they look at clothes and study more. How to dress beautiful, how to match how beautiful. This field has been studied more, buying clothes and bags, naturally more. Yeah."

"Like we speculate on coins, we study coins every day and study the blockchain, so we buy more coins. Look at me, a lot of coins."

"Old L, your relationship is good, there are many friends, it is because you are investing in social aspects."

In the stock market, professional players, research stocks, and more types of stocks to buy. Peter Lynch, the most successful fund manager in history, once set a position to buy 15,000 stocks. 15,000 stocks. Why are you so much? Because Peter Lynch has studied almost all the stocks in the United States and visited the owners of all listed companies in the United States. He can choose the best stock.

If a fund manager only studies one stock and then buys one stock, but criticizes Peter Lynch and j8 to buy stocks, boasting that their investment has a realm, this is unreasonable. Such fund managers should be eliminated immediately.

HODLer, if you are fully researching the many currencies in the encrypted digital currency market, instead of just looking at a bitcoin, and then the conclusion is HODL BTC, then I think it is worthy of reference.

This year, along with the currencies listed on the mainstream exchanges, one by one, I selected a few coins, and only one did not run out of Bitcoin.

Believe me, as long as you are not lazy, fully research the encrypted digital currency market, you will not be a HODLer. On the contrary, just like I am doing things like buying clothes, I am too lazy to go to a clothes shop once a year. I am a HODLer in the fashion industry. I have six tops, the same; four pants, the same; four underwear, the same; a pair of all-terrain, all-weather sandals.

Investment can not stop at the slogan, should establish an investment model, continue to practice, get feedback through actions, adjust the model, and use this set of operations to study a variety of investment targets. Even if this process of action and revision of the model finally brings you back to the strategy contained in the original slogan, and you lose some Bitcoin in the middle, this is also true.

Don't fall in love with your investment, even if it is called Bitcoin.

One more Things: Are you HODL?