Statement on illegal activities by criminals in the name of Chainlink

Recently, the Chainlink team found that there are illegal organizations or individuals who fake the name of Chainlink and conduct illegal activities such as product promotion and sales through the Internet and other channels, which seriously damages Chainin's reputation and investor rights. Chainlink is now declared as follows:

1. The only official website of Chainlink is, the parent company website is, the WeChat and Weibo numbers are ChainlinkOfficial, and the token is LINK (ERC20 Token) except the official website. Outside the channel, any other fake Chainlink website, phone or any other channel is illegal. Investors should be carefully identified and beware of being deceived.

2. Any organization or individual that is not authorized by the Chainlink team to use any Chainlink name or related materials to conduct any business activities, promotional activities or any other related activities related to Chainlink. Chainin reserves the right to take further legal measures and pursue legal liability for infringements such as counterfeiting, misappropriation of information, graphics and other acts.

Third, please investors to be vigilant, beware of being deceived and avoiding unnecessary losses. If you find that other websites or channels publish product information, conduct promotional activities or engage in other related activities in the name of Chainlink, you can send an email to or WeChat Chainlink China Community Administrator to verify and report, and immediately report to the public security Organs and regulatory authorities report to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Hereby declare.