Norwegian Airlines will push cryptocurrency exchanges to make financial statements in digital currency

According to foreign media reports, Norwegian Airlines is launching its own cryptocurrency exchange, the Norwegian Aviation Blockchain Exchange (NBX). Norwegian Airlines is the third largest airline in Europe. Norwegian Airlines has announced that it will launch a bitcoin exchange service. Norwegian airline customers can also use Bitcoin to purchase tickets, earn points through trades, and use points to earn flight discounts. And other benefits. NBX executive Stig Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen told the media that the cryptocurrency business may soon outsell ticket sales. Norwegian airline partners and major suppliers responded “positively” to the use of USDC (a stable currency issued by Circle). Norwegian Airways' goal is to allow customers to purchase tickets in cryptocurrency in the fourth quarter of this year. The company will convert these cryptocurrencies into Norwegian krona or use USDC to produce financial statements. Kjos-Mathisen also emphasized that payment methods using cryptocurrencies can bypass banks, cut huge costs for companies, and provide opportunities to increase liquidity. Norwegian companies will also launch "interest-bearing wallets" – providing "decentralized financial services based on smart contracts and launching crowdfunding loans."