BTC fell below the 10,000-point position

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on August 15th, the BTC price was $9,885.25, and the market value was $176,724.96M. The 24H BTC transaction volume of the mainstream exchange was about $1,706.40M, which was 28.42% higher than yesterday. Although the BTC fell for many days, However, the market share has not changed significantly. At present, the proportion is about 68.28%; the BTC release time is about 8.6min, the number of active addresses continues to decline, and the trading volume on the chain also has a certain downward trend; Big rebound; BTC/USD Coinbase continues to be in a negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex, investors need to pay attention to market risks. UTC On August 14, Bitcoin fell for two consecutive days after the end of the sideways, and the price returned to below $10,000 again. The mainstream currencies such as Ethereum performed better than Bitcoin earlier, but suddenly fell sharply around 16:00. Ethereum closed down 10.68% throughout the day, and the rise of mainstream currencies against Bitcoin temporarily ended.