Limited offer, up to 10,000 yuan, the second world blockchain conference · Wuzhen opened early bird ticketing

On November 8-9, 2019, the second World Blockchain Conference, Wuzhen, hosted by Babbitt, will officially open.

With the theme of “Application Unbounded”, the conference will focus on the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues. More than 100 global blockchain practitioners will try to answer a question that plagues many people: We say the world Eternal is in chaos, and the blockchain will be a great experiment in which humans try to go to order. In the visible 2019-2020, cross-chain, DeFi, decentralized identity… these applications based on blockchain technology How will an orderly flower be produced?

Chaos is a ladder, and blockchain is a ladder to "unbounded and orderly"

Humans are eager for light, not because of the darkness in the depths, but because "light" is always summoned in the distance.

The explorer George Mallory, who was sleeping on Mount Everest, explained why he loves mountain climbing all his life, because the mountain is there. The mountain is the obsession, temptation, and love in his heart. It is the heart of the heart and the perfect mapping in the world. The process of climbing is the result of the summit.

You will say that there is a bright future in the blockchain industry, only chaos. Cut the leek, the pyramid scheme, and the money, it is. But chaos is not an abyss, and chaos is an orderly "step." Chaos and order are the two sides of a coin, and orderly destruction is chaos. Is the blockchain disrupted in order? Of course, any innovation is an impact on the existing order. It is this principle that “does not break or not stand”.

If you don't oppose innovation, don't be afraid of the confusion at this moment. Instead, you should embrace chaos.

Is the world chaotic today? Sino-US trade war, Japan-South Korea trade war, Middle East geopolitical crisis, Britain's Brexit… chaos and mistrust are everywhere, and chaos is the norm.

At the 5th Wuzhen World Internet Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote in a congratulatory letter. In today's world, we are experiencing a broader and deeper technological revolution and industrial transformation. Although the national conditions of different countries are different and the actual challenges are different, countries should take a win-win situation and embark on a road of mutual trust and common governance.

How to walk the road of mutual trust and public opinion? Blockchain provides a possible solution, traceable, decentralized, non-tamperable, and encrypted… These features make the blockchain a cornerstone of building trust, and with it, humans can reconstruct a math-based, Mutual trust in the Tower of Babel.

Cross-chain, Defi (decentralized finance), privacy protection, decentralized ID (identity)… These are the "orderly flowers" that the chaotic blockchain world is about to open.

The world is not only flat, it is also unbounded. In the midst of chaos, do you see a crowded, unbounded, unbounded, unbounded, unrealized, and unordered new world?

The 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen sails, the early bird ticket is limited to open


Chaos represents new, order represents old, and old and new can coexist. Wuzhen is the intersection of the old and new worlds.

Wuzhen is a thousand-year old town. Early in the morning, wearing a slight morning light, stepping on a smooth bluestone slab, passing through an antique wooden building, next to a quiet, flowing river, the early residents washed in the mist, and the Wu Peng boat was slow. Crossing the bridge hole in the distance, the wood pulp hit the surface of the water and made a loud noise.

Wuzhen is the representative of the new era town. There are not only 5G trial network, full coverage WIFI, Baidu unmanned vehicle, Ali unmanned supermarket… It’s fashionable big city gadgets, there are Wuzhen Drama Festival, Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition, World Internet Conference, and World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen.

The 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website has been launched ( ), please click to visit to get the latest information about this conference.

At the same time, the conference has officially opened the pre-sale of tickets, and opened the recruitment channel for the speakers.

The organizers have designed four types of tickets, namely business tickets, business tickets (including meals), VIP tickets and SVIP tickets . Tickets for the 2nd day of the conference are available for all tickets, as well as tickets for the Wuzhen Scenic Area and Wucun Scenic Area on November 8-9, which are worth 460 yuan.

Among them, the VIP ticket special interest is the VIP seat of the conference and the official social dinner seat. The SVIP ticket provides two extra nights of boutique hotels, conference reception, one-on-one resource docking, time stamp capital investment consulting services and QKL123 data consulting services on the basis of VIP tickets.

At present, all types of tickets are available in limited edition "early bird fares", and now you can enjoy a 40 % discount on purchases, up to a maximum of 10,000 yuan . The number of early bird tickets is limited, and the original price will be restored upon sale.

For details of specific fare offers, please see the picture below:

In the summer of 18, “Seeing the Future” World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen was successfully held, 1000+VIP guests from around the world, 80+ speeches from domestic and overseas, and 100+ media organizations reported on the whole scene. More than 4,000 people gathered at the scene.

On November 8-9, 19th, the application was unbounded and broke through the borders of Hongmeng.

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