Analyst: The current price trend of Bitcoin is similar to the parabolic pre-2017

According to Be In Crypto, cryptocurrency analyst PlanB speculates that we may be on the verge of parabolic motion. Although Bitcoin has made several major breakthroughs above $10,000, it seems difficult to maintain a five-digit price. In the past two days, Bitcoin has fallen from a price range of $11,000 to $11,500 to a low of about $9680. Bitcoin's price action has caused most traders to predict further declines, and PlanB is one of the few people who believe Bitcoin will likely hit a new high in the near to medium term. He said on Twitter: "Bitcoin has been trying to break the $10,000 mark for three months, and it feels like trying to break $10,000 in 2017… We all know what will happen next (Note: BTC in 2017 It once approached 20,000 US dollars and has not yet broken through the historical high point."