Bitwise CEO: optimistic about the approval of the Bitcoin ETF, because the SEC's concerns have basically been resolved

According to Cointelegraph, Hunter Horsley, chief executive of Bitwise Asset Management, a provider of crypto-index funds, said he remains optimistic about the prospects for US regulators to approve encrypted exchange-traded funds (ETFs). On August 15, Horsley made the remarks in an interview with the head of global research at Bloomberg. According to previous reports, Bitwise submitted the latest ETF application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January this year. This week, the regulator postponed the decision on the proposal – along with two other cryptographic ETF proposals – and the current deadline for the ruling was October 13. But Horsley is still optimistic. He pointed out that the SEC was relatively open to the reasons for the delay and clearly expressed the nature of its concerns. Although Bitwise has launched a number of different ETFs and similar investment vehicles, the company has made tremendous progress in the past 12 months. He also said that encrypted custodians can now get a wide range of policies from Llyods of London, and from a more macro perspective, the market is maturing. He claims that most of the SEC's concerns have been resolved.