Analyst Max Keiser: The Bitcoin market will stabilize and eventually transform from value storage to trading medium

According to AMBcrypto, Wall Street financial analyst Max Keiser said in an interview recently that considering the real interest rate cuts and market manipulation, if you want to withdraw funds, one choice is gold and the other is bitcoin. In this regard, he also stressed the practice of governments competing for large amounts of gold reserves, which also indicates that traditional currencies are depreciating. In addition, Keiser also said that the Bitcoin market will be “stable” and eventually “transformed from value storage to trading medium”, which may shock the wider community. Keiser also said: "The altcoin market will never come back. None of these cryptocurrencies can do things that Bitcoin can't or can't do in the near future." Even though he argues against the cottage with "no real use cases" argument The currency ecosystem, but Keiser believes that the "unstoppable" nature of Bitcoin will fully manifest itself in the next financial meltdown. Looking ahead, he warned traditional markets and government agencies: “Banks such as Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas or HSBC will seek bail-outs in the Bitcoin community in the future. The Bitcoin community will consider lending a helping hand. But of course, we will do it according to our own conditions."