Santander spokesman declined to stop paying to Coinbase, but said some payments need to be checked

According to The Block, Santander, the large Spanish bank, said it would not prevent users from paying Coinbase in response to allegations made by its British customers on Reddit. According to previous reports, a Reddit user said that a representative of Santander told them that the bank was preventing customers from depositing money into an encrypted exchange and suggested that the user would transfer to the bank if they wished to continue using Coinbase. However, in response to a question about whether the group banned the exchange, a Santander bank spokesman said the situation was “not so” and added: “We will not block payments to legitimate companies, but In some cases, we will transfer funds to additional security checks because we believe there may be a higher risk of fraud in these places.” This may indicate that users of Santander are deposited or removed on Coinbase. When there is a legal currency, there may be a delay, especially for large sums of money. Or, this could mean that the transactions of individual customers surveyed will face a more rigorous review.