Bitcoin bottomed out, and the bottom-up funds appeared. Where will the market go?

Today, the market is bloody, most of the currencies have been in a state of heavy volume decline, but in the evening, the bottom-up funds appeared, the mainstream currency rebounded, but most of the coins still fell more than 10%, the trend is still very weak.

Such a large drop in the market indicates that the rebound of this round has completely ended, and the market has once again returned to below $10,000, which is the fourth time this year, the price has fallen back below $10,000.

Although it is said that the funds for bargain-hunting appear, it is also necessary to observe the trend of funds. It is to make a difference in the bottom of the bargaining, or to open a position at this time, it is worthwhile to start a new round of rebound.

Under normal circumstances, this situation will continue to fall. After all, bearish sentiment has formed and it is difficult to change in the short term. Market repair takes time.

But in the medium and long term, the idea of ​​keeping money below 10,000 dollars is the same, because the potential benefits of Bitcoin are too many, and it is not so easy to sell.

This bottoming out also illustrates this problem, and once it reaches a certain point, there will be funds for bargain-hunting. Let's talk about the potential benefits of Bitcoin and add a little confidence to everyone.

The main thing is three points. First, Bitcoin will be halved next year, which means that only half of the bitcoin can be obtained at the same cost. This will make the supply and demand market unbalanced, and the mine work is an important player in the bitcoin market, which is to allow its own interests to be damaged. The only way is to raise the price of the currency.

Second, the global already has quantitative easing, Bitcoin as a deflationary currency, will certainly be able to show more value, the price exchange currency will rise;

Third, the geopolitical crisis will continue, competition between countries will intensify, and risk aversion will heat up. It is also very possible that Bitcoin will be lifted.

Finally, use the indicators to analyze the market:

Bitcoin is still in the convergence triangle, MACD is completely weakened, the red column becomes longer, the dead fork has formed, and the middle track of the Bollinger Band has been broken. However, both KDJ and RSI have a low rise, and there may be a small wave. Rebound is the time to leave, so be sure to seize the opportunity.

The trend of ETH finally chose the direction, the Bollinger line appeared open, and the price went down the lower rail. MACD began to weaken, the formation of the dead fork, the dead fork below the 0 axis, the lethality is great; but KDJ and RSI began to linger in the low position, did not continue down, indicating a relatively low position.

EOS indicators also began to retrace, fell below the trend line, MACD appeared a dead fork, KDJ also runs down the fork, RSI also began to level off, the pressure to go down is relatively high, but also to a relatively low level, but continue down It is also possible.

On the whole, the adjustment of the market may continue. If you want to go to the bottom, you can wait for it. If you stabilize it, then you can bottom out. After all, the space for the decline has already opened, and there may be a continued retracement. The market repair takes a certain amount of time, and the $10,000 bitcoin reappears. I want to ask you this time, dare to copy the bottom? Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

Source: QKL123