Securities Daily: 10 blockchain concept listed companies announced semi-annual reports, blockchain technology has become a problem

On August 16th, the Securities Daily published the article “10 Blockchain Concepts Listed Companies Announced Semi-annual Report: Blockchain Technology Landed into a Problem”, the article stated that it involves various computer technologies such as data storage, cryptography, and consensus mechanism. The landing of blockchain technology has become a problem that has plagued many listed companies. "Securities Daily" reporter according to Eastern wealth Choice statistics, as of August 15, Shanghai and Shenzhen, a total of 10 blockchain concept listed companies disclosed semi-annual reports, including Industrial Fulian, Hanwei Technology, Feitian integrity and other five In the semi-annual report, the company did not disclose the progress of the blockchain business, and most of the companies disclosed were also taken over. The progress of the blockchain is mostly research and technical achievements, and there are few landing scenarios. Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain and dean of the Digital Economy Business School, told the Securities Daily that the blockchain has no application pattern, but there is no clear profit model, its specific value. It is also difficult to estimate, and there is a phenomenon of virtual fire. For listed companies, the level of landing needs to seek integration with their own industry chain.