The ETH community is dissatisfied with the lack of transparency of the Ethereum Foundation

Eric Conner, founder of ETHHub, wrote on Reddit that the transparency crisis facing the Ethereum Foundation can be solved in a simple way such as quarterly reports. In order to avoid personal attacks against individuals, you may not specify. Conner believes that the report should include the employee's salary, the outlook for the future, the breakdown of the team, and the total number of people in the organization. Many people replied to this article on Reddit. One of the users named "DCinvestor" said that the Ethereum Foundation should be more transparent, because when you are opaque, it is unreasonable to repeatedly advocate more decentralization. Financial reporter Camila Russo also questioned the matter, which she believes is one of the biggest problems of the Ethereum Foundation. The total assets of the Foundation and how it is currently spent should be presented in the report and audited by the financial company.