Bitcoin Quotes | Short-term fears are released, not optimistic in the medium term

US stocks fluctuated overnight, and the three major stock indexes were mixed. I saw that the cryptocurrency market had a certain rebound after the panic was vented, and the trading volume has rebounded. But I personally think that if the cryptocurrency really follows the US stock index. If the decline is likely to be far from over, there are more and more signs that the risk of economic recession is increasing. If the incremental cake cannot be made bigger, everyone will compete for the stock cake, and then there may be very many parts. In regional conflicts, geopolitics will be very tense. In the face of violent turmoil, the attraction of gold can kill everything, and the cryptocurrency may not be as safe as we think.


BTC closed the trend of single-needle bottoming yesterday. We saw this trend appear once on July 2nd, then pulled out a big Yangxian line and tested the former high again in the following trading days. Can you copy such a quote this time? The first thing we see is the change in volume. The k-line of the two long shadows is more than the previous one, but there are not many locks on the top of the July 2nd. The disk is obviously much larger than before. I personally think that the highest point of this round of rebound is around 11,000 USD. The possibility of going up is relatively small. This place may fluctuate for a few days, but the killing is not over. Control risk is the main factor.


ETH fell below the previous low, and there is no sign of recovery. If you stand back to the support level of $200 again, you may challenge the pressure around $230. If you are in this place for a few days, there is no upward desire. If you do, you may continue to kill. We believe that the current risk of the target is still relatively large. Do not blindly bottom out. It is recommended to watch carefully.


BCH also showed a single-needle bottoming trend yesterday, and returned to the uptrend line. The trend is OK. Observe whether it will fall below the uptrend line in the next few days. If it does not fall below the upward trend. If you are on the line, you may challenge 120 antennas in the second direction. And this time, I think that the probability of standing up is relatively large. If you break through 120 antennas or can challenge the previous high position, if you fall below the uptrend line again, you should resolutely leave. field.


BNB fell below the triangle and did not form a counter-package. Yesterday's Yangxian line hit the half of the Yinxian line. There is no obvious sign of the volume increase. I personally think that the decline of the target has not been completed yet and will continue to test the $24. Support strength, and the target may continue to go out of the new low, pay attention to risk.

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