10 blockchain concept listed companies announced semi-annual report: blockchain technology has become a problem

In recent years, due to the technological advantages of the blockchain in solving the trust problem, many listed companies have explored and researched the blockchain, and have high-profile claims to enter the blockchain field. Some companies have quickly followed up after the transformation of the blockchain, but more companies have not.

According to statistics from the Securities Daily, as of August 15, a total of 10 A-share blockchain concept listed companies issued semi-annual reports for 2019, of which 5 did not mention the “blockchain”. Most of the companies mentioned in the blockchain have only research and technical achievements, and few applications have been applied.

Yuanguang Software Winning Blockchain Project

In order to comply with the development trend of the energy revolution and the digital revolution, in early 2019, the State Grid Corporation proposed a strategic deployment for the construction of a ubiquitous power Internet of Things. As a subversive innovation, blockchain has a high degree of integration with the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, which can ensure the accuracy of source data, improve the efficiency of ubiquitous interaction, and support edge computing applications. Achieve smart application landing.

Recently, the reporter was informed that the listed company Yuanguang Software (002063) successfully won the bid for the blockchain project of State Grid Shandong Heze Power Supply Company and State Grid Shandong Zaozhuang Power Supply Company. As the mainstream supplier of enterprise management software and services in the power industry, Yuanguang Software explores the application of blockchain technology in the energy industry, grasps the development opportunities of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things construction, and opens up new research directions for energy technology.

The reporter learned that the successful bid for the State Grid Shandong Heze Power Supply Company project is aimed at the current eccentricity of the settlement process in the electricity purchase market, the opaque settlement process, the poor timeliness of data and the difficulty of retrospection, and the study of blockchain technology and The optimization plan of the combination of online shopping and electricity tariff business will improve the inter-departmental data interaction capability, improve the transparency of data flow, reduce duplication of communication, and lay a solid foundation for the creation of “hub-type, platform-type, and shared-type” enterprises.

The State Grid Shandong Zaozhuang Power Supply Company project is aimed at the status quo that the old management system can not meet the increasing demand for PV settlement and can not provide the services related to bidding transactions. The innovative design of a set of information solutions for clean energy transaction settlement can complete the distribution. The function of photovoltaic power in different entities, such as trading, pricing, settlement, etc., realizes intelligent market bidding and real-time settlement of electricity, and effectively solves problems in financial data security, data tampering, historical tracing, effective supervision, and transaction trust.

A person close to the high-light software informed the "Securities Daily" reporter that apart from the energy trading field, the blockchain business of Yuanguang Software is also accelerating in the supply chain finance field, and is committed to creating a complete solution for the application of the blockchain. Program. It is understood that Yuanguang Software Supply Chain Financial Products is in the process of applying for blockchain information service filing.

Blockchain technology is difficult to plague listed companies

Due to a variety of computer technologies, such as data storage, cryptography, and consensus mechanisms, the landing of blockchain technology has become a problem that has plagued many listed companies.

According to statistics from the Securities Daily, as of August 15, a total of 10 blockchain concept listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges disclosed semi-annual reports, including Industrial Fulian (601138), Hanwei Technology (300007), and Feitian Integrity. (300386) and other five companies did not disclose the progress of the blockchain business in the semi-annual report, and most of the remaining companies were also taken over. The progress of the blockchain is mostly research and technical achievements, and there are few landing scenarios.

For example, Zhongke Jincai (002657) disclosed the academic achievements in the field of blockchain, and mentioned “China Financial Technology Development Report” and “China Asset Securitization Development Report” jointly written by the company and the People’s Bank of China Financial Research Institute. The "China Blockchain Development Report" series of reports are all run by the company's chairman Dr. Zhu Yidong as executive editor"; Stitch (300608) focuses on building a blockchain technology platform, saying that "the company continues to improve the existing cloud , big data, blockchain technology platform, and innovation to establish AIPaaS platform and a variety of AI application capability platform.

In this regard, a blockchain industry analyst said that the listed company's blockchain business is more focused on R & D investment, patents, new products and other forms. “On the one hand, the blockchain belongs to the innovative business. The listed companies have high requirements for the return of innovative business, and they are more inclined to invest in areas with clear prospects, which limits the field of landing; on the other hand, it is currently in the early stage of large-scale productization. The application of landing is less, and it is also a necessary process for the development of the entire industry."

Among the 10 companies, only Win Win (300377) clearly indicated that its blockchain technology has landed. Winning wins in the semi-annual report, "the company is working hard to develop and build a micro-service-based cloud computing as the core foundation, focusing on industry big data, and AI and blockchain as important business value-added extensions"CNCF ( Yunyuan Biochemical) cloud computing technology ecosystem. Relevant achievements in AI industry applications, blockchain industry applications, etc., have also been applied to industry services."

From this point of view, in addition to the technical difficulties of the blockchain technology itself, some industry veterans believe that listed companies have a lot of speculation on the blockchain concept, and the phenomenon of excessive fire. Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain and dean of the Digital Economy Business School, told the Securities Daily that the blockchain has no application pattern, but there is no clear profit model, its specific value. It is also difficult to estimate, and there is a phenomenon of virtual fire. “For listed companies, the landing level needs to seek integration with their own industry chain. In addition, relevant research and launching of topics, conferences and forums, and blockchain testing in marginal businesses can be conducted.”

Shen Meng, founder of Dafa Yinfa Financial Technology, told reporters that “the combination of blockchain technology and business requires a strong understanding of the business itself and blockchain technology, and requires the precipitation of talents, experience and products. For a listed company, it should be combined with its own business or customers to find a combination with the blockchain."

Source: Securities Daily

Author: Xing Meng