Babbitt Value Index: The market value is small, Token is fluctuating violently, and it rebounds slightly in a short time.

As of 10:00 on August 16, the Babbitt Value Index (8BTCVI) reported 6615.59 points, up 24 hours to +0.07%, below the Babbitt Composite Index (13961.34 points, +1.39%), from the release date Smaller Tokens do not perform as well as the market as a whole. According to QKL123 data, among the 8BTCVI components, the number of rises is 14, the number of declines is 16, and the top three tokens are ZRX, BAT, MKR and LSK, DOGE, ADA, respectively. The corresponding rise and fall are +12.92% and +9.10% respectively. , +5.73% and -19.42%, -3.19%, -2.14%. Based on the investment income model and the optimal portfolio approach, the Babbitt Value Index (8BTCVI) is produced by Baxter Think Tank and is dedicated to reflecting the market performance of Token, the most growth potential in the global market.