Lawyer Zhang Ling: The supervision of the website for the security assessment of blockchain information service providers does not require separate legislation.

Babbitt News, August 16th, Zhang Ling, a partner of Yiyi Law Firm, published a column titled "The Security Office issued a security assessment announcement. What should the blockchain information service providers need to pay attention to?" 》. In response to the Announcement on the Explanation of the Safety Assessment Provisions issued by the Internet Office on August 9, Zhang Ling said that the supervision of the security assessment of the blockchain information service providers by the Office of the Internet is provided by the blockchain information service. At present, it is more convenient to provide information services to the public through the Internet, and it is convenient to directly refer to the existing "Internet Information Service Security Assessment Provisions with Paradoxical Attributes or Social Mobilization Capabilities" (hereinafter referred to as "Assessment Regulations"), without further legislation; On the other hand, since the “Appraisal Regulations” apply to Internet information service providers with public opinion attributes or social mobilization capabilities, the specific requirements are specifically set for these service providers, and the relevant requirements can be fully applied to the blocks. Chain information service providers (such as post-event security assessment) still have some questions, and the network office will be further clarified in the regulatory practice.