A new breakthrough in food and beverage certification, how does this Shenzhen company make blockchain empowerment entities no longer talk?

It is often pointed out that blockchain technology is often high and unclear. When it comes to the application of blockchain scenarios, it seems that most of the products on the ground are too far away from ordinary people.

Once you start talking about food, the abstract blockchain world becomes easier to understand. Suddenly, dazzling concepts like consensus mechanisms, hashes, and encryption have disappeared, leaving the mouth-watering cuisine. There is no bitcoin here, and there is no supervision by the regulator. The only hard fork you encounter is at the table.

They all said that the blockchain has to change the world. She believes that blockchain is only technology, and that the economy is the trend. Technology must empower the real economy and improve people's quality of life. This is the beginning of the industry.

Recently, the chain has won an exclusive interview with the provincial co-founder Xinran. In view of the current situation of the catering industry, the logic behind the scene of the blockchain pass economy is discussed .

The chain is worth: Why do you choose the catering industry in the province, how do you view the current situation of the catering industry?

Happy : Blockchain is just technology, technology must empower entities, and improving people's quality of life is king.

In 2018, Chinese food and beverage reached a consumption scale of 3.9 trillion yuan. Catering is an inseparable part of everyone's life. It is a demanding and high-frequency application scenario. As an entrepreneur, finding a market that is painful enough, a market that is big enough, and a long enough track is very important.

The current situation of catering is very cruel and a lot of pain points. The "China Catering Report 2018" shows that in 2017, 3.11 million new restaurants were added, and 2.85 million restaurants were closed down. The average survival time of new stores was 5.5 months, and the new store closure rate exceeded 60%. The monopoly of Internet catering platforms has intensified the confrontation between platforms, merchants and consumers. Excessive harvesting has made the catering ecology unbalanced and the commercial operation has gradually moved away from the essence of catering.

We need a healthy and healthy dining environment, and “ artificial intelligence + blockchain + pass-through economy ” is a brand new solution. The chain is worthy: the people eat food for the sky, it is indeed a big enough market, how can we open up a prosperous road in the province?

Happy : I think that the initial heart is the most important. The initial heart of the province is to let the catering people focus on catering, have a reasonable profit for sustainable development; let consumers eat the value.

I chatted with a senior catering boss. In order to make a bowl of noodles, he ate the whole country's noodles, and tried a variety of flours for thousands of times to make a smooth and supple taste. A chili sauce is done well. One person continuously uses seven hundred kilograms of pepper for 30 consecutive pots and fry for 150 minutes per pot, and finally gets a satisfactory taste. He studied the dishes, but did not have time to study operations, brand building, store expansion and other aspects.

If you have done catering, you will know that the chain of catering industry is very long, from raw material purchase, inventory management, food research and development, recipe setting, quality control management, safety prevention and control, dining environment, real-time sales, training mechanism, service system. , customer management, marketing strategy, brand building, etc., is not a catering boss or an ordinary team can do well.

To be a catering brand requires a strong team and a scientific and rational mechanism to mobilize the entire catering ecosystem to build together, each with their own duties, everyone involved, and everyone benefits.

This is what everyone has to do, use artificial intelligence to connect merchants and consumers , reduce the cost of customers; use blockchain trusted data to build catering brands and word of mouth , reduce brand building and promotion costs; use the pass reward mechanism to let Consumers participate in ecological self-propagation and self-operation, reducing transmission costs. The chain is worthwhile: let consumers participate, share, and build together. This is a good idea. How to use the pass to motivate consumers?

Happy : Reward is an effective incentive for consumers to participate spontaneously in the construction of ecology. An effective reward system must be open, transparent, quantifiable, and easy to implement. Then the block-based economy is the most suitable choice for the moment.

In the province, the general application is combined with the everiToken public chain , and the behaviors that contribute to the ecological construction will be recorded and rewarded. For example: consumption, inviting friends to register, recommending merchants to stay, commenting, sharing, doing tasks, etc., 50% of the total amount of provincial transaction certificates, used to reward ecological co-construction behavior, everyone participation, everyone benefits.

Every click, every share, and every purchase of a consumer is recorded in the chain, and can be quantified and rewarded in real time. Chain got: Why did you choose the everiToken public chain?

Happy: Because we want to ensure the credibility of the data. It is understood that the solution for uploading data by other smart contract platforms is uploaded every once in a while, which results in users being untrustworthy and extremely costly. The everiToken public chain provides near-data real-time uplinking , which is very reliable for users and has a very low cost of winding.

In addition, the low cost and short time of building an application based on everiToken allows us to save more time to delve into the business. The user is interested in rewards. He doesn't care about technology. It cares more about the user experience and whether the data is real. The chain is worthwhile: At the moment when the fund disk, the pyramid market, and the game disk are full of the currency circle, we urgently need to pass the certification project that is integrated with the real economy, so that everyone can truly feel the improvement of the quality of life by technology empowerment.

Happy : Yes, everyone is willing to be the forerunner, go with the everiToken, do business, use technology to enable food and beverage , let each restaurant live better and live longer.

We also launched the “I am doing a favor for the restaurant” volunteer activity, inviting senior catering chefs, catering entrepreneurs, food lovers, and enthusiastic people to help the restaurant, invigorating the pilgrimage revolution, and promoting Chinese food and beverage.